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2009 San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival

Party On

Food festivals, tastes of (enter city or location here) are plentiful in San Diego and a great way to sample and savor culinary treats both familiar and new. The granddad of all food festivals is about to take San Diego by storm as the 2009 San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival makes landfall Wednesday, Nov. 18 through Sunday, Nov. 22. Let the games begin.

A willing participant in previous festivities, we are counting down the days with great anticipation for this year’s festival. The five-day event rolls out pretty much every aspect of wining and dining in a wildly delicious game of multiple choices: Cooking classes? Thursday and Friday’s are loaded with them. From making fresh pasta, totally truffles, seafood, vegetables and olive oil, to the ever-popular “Reality Chef Super Stars” cook-off, the broad range of classes embodies knowledge, experience, laughter and the always-great food and wine pairings. The classes are held at the Macy’s School of Cooking and the San Diego Wine & Culinary Center. Seating is limited, so get ’em while they’re hot. Macy’s space is pretty large, but getting stuck in the back of the room is not as fun. Classes range from $45 to $75.

Want to hit a party or two? How about the San Diego Wine Rave held at the W Hotel on Wednesday, November 18th? It showcases 25 of the edgiest wines on the market today with delectable food, making for a truly “spirited” evening. Friday, November 20th brings the Reserve and New Release Tasting with 160 wine and spirit companies, and 10 gourmet food purveyors to dazzle and delight you. Culminating the week on Sunday, November 22nd, the Celebrity Chef Luncheon & AIWF Big Bottle Auction at the San Diego Marriott pairs 15 winemakers and a world-class menu prepared by nationally recognized chefs.

The Chefs

The grandest of these fun events is aptly named the “Grand Finale.” Embarcadero Park North behind Seaport Village is where the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival lets its hair down and gives it a shake. Take in the beautiful San Diego Bay, sunny skies, lovely fall breezes plus 170 world-class wineries, breweries and spirit booths, knowing full well there will be more than a “buzz” in the air. Add tasting samples from 70 of San Diego’s top chefs as they compete for the “Chef of the Fest” top honors, and you have an undoubtedly good time on your hands. These are big bites of incredible food, too, not just the half-Dixie cup you usually get at some of those other wannabe tastings. By the time you’re done here, a hotel room may be in order. Either that or a nap in the grass, and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Food & Wine

A staggering quantity of offerings rolls out before you with various tasting combinations and smiling culinary geniuses happily encouraging you to give it a go. The chefs here are really having a great time…you can tell. With a complimentary wine glass and custom plate holding your glass and food, you have all you need to make the rounds. There is no hurry – you have four hours to feed the mighty beast. Various live music performers and even cookbook signings at the Border’s booth make the day even more fun.

The San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival is a much-anticipated event for any foodie, Food Network watcher or just anyone who likes to eat, drink and be merry. This is the place to be. The Grand Finale tends to sell out year after year, so get your tickets early.

The Good – The best of the best are here with lots to eat and drink.

The Bad – Too much food, too much wine, too much fun…wait, is that the bad part?

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 858-578-9463
  • Name: 2009 San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival
  • Address: Embarcadero Park North