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Creating Customized Champagne

Want to sip champagne with
this view at The Shores?
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Throughout the year, The La Jolla Shores Hotel plays host to visitors from parts far and wide, many of whom are lured by San Diego’s sunny-side up climate. Who can blame them, especially now, as the rest of the country contends with plummeting temperatures and stormy weather conditions?

Ours is one of the few communities where chaise lounges and mid-afternoon cocktails are viable on Christmas Day. To celebrate this, the creative minds at this offshoot of the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club have devised a slew of spirited promotions to provide locals and visitors alike the chance to sip and savor while taking in picturesque views from thebeachfront dining room of their restaurant, The Shores. The first and most innovative is December’s Build Your Own Bubbly deal (running through January 2).

For $12 (tax and gratuity not included), guests can create a sparkling wine cocktail suited to their personal tastes. The first step is selecting brut or rosé wine as the base. Next come the mixers. Imbibers may choose one of each from an extensive array of liqueurs and dessert wines that includes top shelf staples like Grand Marnier, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, orange Muscat, port and late harvest wines as well as modern spirits like Aqua Perfecta pear liqueur and house-made pomegranate-açai berry liqueur and tangerine limoncello. Even the garnish—a sugared rim, brandy-soaked cherry, fresh berries, a lemon or orange twist—is customizable.


Build your own bubbly.
Courtesy photo


For those who prefer to leave the mixing to trained professionals, there is a seasonal list of holiday-inspired cocktails ranging from warm and frothy to cool and refreshing. Traditional winter warmers like house-mulled red wine and lattés blending rich espresso with steamed nutmeg-laced eggnog share space on the menu with forward-thinking concoctions like the Holitini (vodka and apple cider sweetened with allspice-infused simple syrup), Snow Bank (eggnog and vanilla vodka served in a cinnamon-sugar rimmed glass) and Cranberry Cobbler (a scoop of ice cream floating in a mix of cranberry vodka and Godiva white chocolate liqueur). Guests can also slide into a Toboggan, a smooth blend of rum, eggnog and Kahlúa coffee liqueur, or satiate a throbbing sweet tooth with a hearty Pumpkin Cheesecake (ice cream and vodka enhanced by pumpkin and cinnamon syrups) or a classic Peppermint Patty (peppermint Schnapps-spiked hot cocoa).

Whether it’s a drink of your own devising or a ‘tender’s ‘tail, nothing helps dull the stress of the holidays like the spirits of the holidays. Neither does having an extra set of hands to gift-wrap presents procured for the scores of friends and family on your list, and that’s what the helpful hosts at The Shores are offering to patrons who come in for lunch or dinner from now through December 23.

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