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Kansas City BBQ

Here is our usual mantra… “Write about restaurants that people will enjoy visiting. People are not looking for where to avoid but where to go.” Well, every once in a while, you just have to throw out that “Step away from the table” message, and trust us…we tried to enjoy this place.

Kansas City BBQ has been here since long before our memories can digress. Many a messy night was spent gnawing on fab ribs, swilling cheap beer on tap and using every last paper towel the joint could muster to get the final vestiges of BBQ sauce you weren’t able to devour. Those were the good old days, huh?

The most important word to equate with the place these days is “AVOID”. After two very valiant attempts to bring back wonderful memories of days gone by, we surrender. Our first try, we didn’t even eat. Our guest was an 88-year-old BBQ aficionado, and we were seated after a good five-minute “ignore” session at the hostess desk. The table was in a completely empty room, and our arms crackled with sticky remnants when we lifted them from the filthy plastic table cover. We can handle that. Hey…it’s BBQ. Sit and wait 10 minutes with absolutely no eye contact and a mostly empty joint, and we’re out of here.

Second efforts are not unusual for us since every place has its moments. The next nightmare started with a party of 25 ahead of us who had reserved a private room. Unfortunately, Kansas City BBQ had “forgotten” their reservation, and they made the poor out-of-town guests sit on the cold patio for an hour. The host offered free beers and fries, which was nice, but the crowd was mostly under 15 years old, so the beer offer was a little ridiculous.

Our party of five tried pretty much everything: The ribs are dry and tough, the sauce is served sparingly and would be better if it came from Vons, the Wonder Bread is stale and the whole place should have never been reopened. OK…maybe I would have the slaw or corn on the cob again. That’s it though.

Do not waste your time or your money on this dive. What were you people thinking? And for any concierge who recommends it to a visitor due to its Top Gun movie fame…seriously. It’s bad enough having a history involving Tom Cruise without trying to relive it.

Please forgive the rant, but trust us…it is well deserved. Run and run fast!

The good – Seriously, that is a stretch.

The bad – Kansas City BBQ (that pretty much sums it up)

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 619-231-9680
  • Name: Kansas City BBQ
  • Address: 600 West Harbor Drive