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ShopLocalSD: Gerhard Boutique

Gerhard Boutique in Del Mar.
Photo by Rebekah Sager

Gerhard Boutique in Del Mar is the only luxury clothing boutique of its kind south of Newport Beach. They carry the crème de la crème of designers for customers who demand the best. If you haven’t heard of the store then: a.) You haven’t been getting your fashion fix, or, b.) You don’t have the dough to shop there.

Either way, Gerhard caters to an elite group of women who live for elegant designer style. The average age of Gerhard’s customer is 45. There are some younger and older, but owners Alexis Dizon and Dave Fifield say a 40-year old woman understands her own style and appreciates the best.

“There are no high-pressure sales here. The clothes never go out of style, and there’s nowhere else in the city to find anything like this,” says customer Carol Burkhart, who shops regularly at Gerhard. On this day, Burkhart claims that she’s “on a budget.” She walked out with a calfskin leather skirt by The Row priced at $1,500.

Luxury designer lines.
Photo by Rebekah Sager

The Row is an expensive clothing line by the famed Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, launched in 2007. The style is bohemian chic, with a contemporary look, clean lines and a great fit. There are very few buttons and zippers. Everything’s designed for a modern woman who doesn’t have the time or interest in complicated clothes. The Row classic tee runs $250.

Gerhard also offers very well-known and well-loved designers. From Lanvin, Angelina Jolie’s favorite, to Robert Clergerie, the most amazing shoes ever. As well as, Martin Margiela, Derek Lam, Jean Paul Gaultier, Malo, Narciso Rodriguez, Alberta Ferretti, Victor and Rolf, and Guiseppe Zanotti, just to name a few.

A large part of Gerhard’s business is personal shopping. Clients with children and high-powered jobs who don’t have time to spend foraging though cluttered closets trying to decide what to wear. Everything needs to work together. Dizon’s job is to help women get dressed easily or quickly packed for a trip—all in effortless style.

“We build relationships and push our customers in a new directions. We want them to try new collections,” says Dizon. So, twice a year she travels to New York during Fashion Week to buy for the store. She keeps specific customers in mind and bases her decisions on quality, classic style and wearability—very little on current trends.

Gerhard offers up-and-coming designers, too. Lutz and Patmos is one. Lutz and Patmos are a young design team that started a campaign of offering famous people, not fashion designers, but creative thinkers, the chance to design a sweater for each season. A percentage of the proceeds go to the cause of the guest designer’s choice.

Spring 2010 was Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s turn. He designed a scoop neck, short-sleeved number with a detachable necklace—very trendy. Forty dollars of every one of Tutu’s sweaters will be donated to the Bishop Desmond Tutu Peace Center.

Gerhard Boutique has high-end fashion and high-end prices. But for women who have no problem affording it, the store offers beautifully made classic clothes well worth the price tag. If it’s out of your league, it’s still fun to window shop.

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  • City: Del Mar, CA 92014
  • Phone: 858-481-9709
  • Name: Gerhard
  • Address: 1555 Camino Del Mar 315A