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ShopLocalSD: Five and A Dime - A Male Boutique

Owner Jason Huggins.
Photo by Rebekah Sager

Like the hip, urban clientele it caters to, 5 and A Dime offers contemporary, urban looks that are constantly evolving. Customers who shop here are into alternative music, skate boarding, surfing, car subculture and fashions that stay ahead of the curve.

The store is owned by Jason Huggins, known as the man with the waxed mustache, the inspiration for the store’s iconic logo. He and his sister, Darcie, opened their ultra-cool clothing boutique in East Village after Petco Park was built. According to Huggins, not much has changed. Downtown has yet to become the hot neighborhood locals and developers were hoping for, but even with just a few stores, it is becoming a great spot for finding rare, edgy, and chic items.

5 and A Dime has a classic Ralph Lauren feel. The white walls sport beautiful black and white nude photographs of women, in tasteful frames. The dark wood floor and bare bulb light fixtures lend just the right combination of taste and eye-candy.

It’s a store for the boys. There’s a wall of cubicles filled with hats, skateboard decks hang everywhere and a glass breakfront is filled with accessories and rare vinyl toys. It’s 1,000 square feet of macho hipness. A place where a guy with tattoos and piercings, a nerd with a buttoned up checkered shirt or a beach girl can find the most current looks.

A thousand square feet of macho hipness.
Photo by Rebekah Sager

Alphanumeric Brand (A#) is one of the more non-traditional lines found at 5 and A Dime. With a conceptual ad campaign that combines letters (Alpha) with numbers (Numeric) in order to translate a message to consumers, the trendy ready-to-wear clothes boast unique and ironic names like the “Skater Dater” jacket, “Just Say Know” tee, and “Wolf” denim pants.

5 and A Dime also sells the popular San Diego line Lovewright Co., started by native Danny Reyes. Working with a group of oddball, tough guys that look like sk8ter punks, Lovewright Co. serves all original designs created by hand.

Brixton Clothing falls into the same pattern as many of the brands in the store. Designs that derive their style from music and popular culture. Founded by three SoCal friends, Brixton Ltd. is casually sexy and extremely wearable.

There is a small but rebellious section for the ladies. Hellz Bellz is a woman’s line that defines the image of the girl who likes the casual sexy look of downtown. A look that's not too revealing, but still shows off what her mama gave her. Hellz Bellz claims to be influenced by New York grit and the sexploitation of 1960s and '70s films.

5 and A Dime is the low-brow answer to contemporary and urban high-fashion street wear. If fashion changes every season in order to get people to buy new stuff, then where does the inspiration come from? From the streets, of course. This East Village boutique stays in touch with the artists who create style from the ground up, and gives customers a taste of the direction fashion is headed.

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  • City: San Diego, CA 92101
  • Phone: 619-236-0364
  • Name: 5 and A Dime
  • Address: 701 8th Ave