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Owen Wilson, George Lopez Dog It In San Diego



Owen Wilson and George Lopez doing press interviews

on Imperial Beach Saturday afternoon.

Photo by Ron Donoho



Actors Owen Wilson and George Lopez were in San Diego Saturday afternoon, in conjunction with the premier of their new Twentieth Century Fox movie Marmaduke. Wilson and Lopez fetched a crowd on the sand in Imperial Beach, doing press interviews as security guards kept curious onlookers at bay.

The celebrity appearances occurred after the conclusion of the 5th annual Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog competition on Imperial Beach’s Dunes Beach. Last year, the Marmaduke movie-makers filmed portions of the Surf Dog contest that will reportedly show up on the big screen.

An invitation-only premier of the movie—based on the Brad Anderson comic strip about a gigantic Great Dane, that originated in 1954 and still runs in newspapers today—will be shown tonight during a special beach screening.



Great Dane: Marmaduke.

Photo by Ron Donoho



The Great Dane that starred in the movie was on hand during the afternoon appearances by Wilson (who does the movie voiceovers for the horse-sized hound) and the star of Lopez Tonight.

The Imperial Beach crowd was “San Diego cool” as the movie stars showed up and became safely ensconced behind security guards, who wore dark suits for the beach detail.

Wilson certainly drew looks from passersby with camera cell phones. (One man in the crowd wondered if Wilson drew inspiration for Marmaduke from his turn as a big-dog owner in Marley & Me.)

And while it’s debatable whether Wilson or Lopez is the bigger star, here in Imperial Beach, just miles from the Mexico border, it was Lopez, as the pair strolled down the shoreline to sit for the TV cameras,whose name was more on the lips of the crowd.

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