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MOVIE REVIEW: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Take any mood into the theater, and leave with a smile on your face

Scott Pilgrim: Rates an A-.
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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. More like Scott Pilgrim vs. Julia Roberts and Sly Stallone for the weekend box office dollars.

And ya know what? All three of these movies are going to rake in big bucks. The best of them, by far, is Scott Pilgrim. It’s the most innovative and fun movie I’ve seen in some time.

Michael Cera is doing the same character he’s done in every film, but it fits perfectly as Pilgrim (although he should give it a rest after this).

When Cera did Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist, they tried for this hip vibe that was only sporadically hip and interesting.

The music in this is so much better. There’s T. Rex, Frank Black, Blood Red Shoes, and Beck – who wrote the songs for Cera’s band “Sex Bob Omb” (the song "Garbage Truck" is catchy, although it’s basically Iggy Pop’s "Passenger").

The other fictional bands in this are great. One is called Crash and the Boys. They do a song called “We Hate You, Please Die.” It’s about 20 seconds long.

Cera plays bass in Sex Bob Omb, and has to go to battle with various bands, and various exes that want to kill him.

And although I thought that would get old quick, it never did. The movie was so innovative in their mish-mashing of videogames and comic books, with a teen angst ridden romantic comedy – you’ll have a smile that never leaves your face.

There was a brief time where I thought about the '80s movie Some Kind of Wonderful (a female drummer, and a similar ending), but make no mistake – Scott Pilgrim doesn’t borrow from any other film. It sometimes parodies things (the weirdest was when they went into a Seinfeld bit, complete with laugh tracks). You have to love a filmmaker that’s just going for it the way he did.

But back to that female drummer. Ever time her angry, freckly face is shown, I literally laughed out loud. Her character was so much fun.

Another fun character was Cera’s gay roommate, played by Kieran Culkin (yes, Macaulay’s brother).

Since I’m not a gamer or fanboy, I’m guessing a few of the references went over my head. I’m also guessing most adults that aren’t into those things might not care for this film. If you have a sense of humor, you’ll appreciate everything this film has to offer.

Director/co-writer Edgar Wright really deserves a lot of credit for making such an interesting film adaption of the graphic novels of Bryan Lee O’Malley. And sure, some things didn’t work or were a little too cute. And I could’ve done with less of the fighting sequences.

Late in the movie some things get a bit repetitive, but you’ll be engrossed in the story and characters. I wished the movie was 30 minutes longer.

Howard Stern once said he watched 2001: A Space Odyssey while on acid. Now, I don’t condone anyone doing drugs, but instead of watching The Wall on acid, or smoking pot and watching The Wizard of Oz while you’re playing Pink Floyd – maybe you should check this movie out while you’re baked. I’m guessing it’ll blow your mind.

I’m giving this an A-, and am guessing you’ll like it even if you see it sober.