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ShopLocalSD: Jolie Femme Lingerie Boutique

Jolie Femme--dress like the other woman.
Photos by Rebekah Sager

One visit to lingerie boutique Jolie Femme and you too can learn how to be the “other woman,” or at least dress like her.

“With the first airing of the TV show Sex In The City, in 1998, the bra as fashion was re-introduced,” says Jolie Femme owner Sheree Clock. "Now, because of the economy, we’re back to more basics--and a few fun additions."

According to an article Clock read in the Los Angeles Times, if you want to gage the economy, follow lingerie sales. Clock believes that in a bad economy, women will always treat themselves to the necessities. But since they aren’t traveling as much, they’ve started to create more romance at home. With the help of risqué unmentionables, Clock says more and more women are experimenting with “staycation” lingerie.

The average woman that shops in Jolie Femme is looking for a traditional well-fitting bra, but they also buy a lot of “fantasy” lingerie.

Necessities and fantasy lingerie.
Photos by Rebekah Sager

Jolie Femme can’t keep garter belts, stockings and crotch-less panties in stock. She loves to tell the story of a couple who came in to her store recently. She asked how long they’d been married, and the wife answered, 52 years. With a glimmer in her eye, Clock asked the husband “ And you’ve never been tempted to cheat?” The woman quickly answered for him, “When he wants another woman, I buy a wig, dress up, call him, tell him where to meet me, and I become the other woman. It works for us.”

Jolie Femme sells the industry standards as well as the fun stuff:the number-one best-selling bras by Le Mystere and Cosa Bella panties to name a few. The store is the only boutique in California that has been certified by Le Mystere as a bra fit specialist. Clock says she has out-of-town clients who will call ahead and make appointments to be fit as soon as their vacation plans are made.

“A woman should be re-fit for a bra every six months--things change and shift all the time,” Clock says.

Jolie Femme has a small but substantial “Intimate Moments” section of store, a bridal registry and a potpourri of bachelorette gifts and games.

After 30 years of selling women’s lingerie, Clock says that stores like Jolie Femme are becoming a thing of the past.

“They were all around me when I first opened five years ago here in the Del Mar Plaza--now, I’m the last one,” says Clock.

But she still fills a need. “Women love to have a secret and sometimes just knowing there’s something exciting going on under their clothes can give them the confidence they need even in hard times," says Clock. "They may buy the lingerie for their partners, but mostly they buy it for themselves.”

Still, by the time this story posts, Jolie Femme will have moved to a new location in the Flower Hill Mall--due to a lower rent.

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  • City: Del Mar
  • Phone: 858.792.1222
  • Name: Jolie Femme
  • Address: 2690 Villa de la Valle ste 250B