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ShopLocalSD: Frock You

Classic and timeless fashion.
Photo by Rebekah Sager

Vintage clothing shoppers say Frock You when it comes to finding designer labels at great prices. The North Park boutique has one of the best selections of 1950s designer reptile handbags, '60s shift dresses, '50s furs, shoes from several eras, and all at prices the average designer boutique can’t beat.

Store manager Kenny King says he’s into vintage becausepieces are truly unique, and he loves looking at the clothes and putting fashion into historical perspective. Glancing at the racks he says, “I think about what was happening in history when someone originally wore that '60s sequined top. Maybe man took his first moonwalk. Or those '40s platform heels--maybe they were worn by a woman waiting for her husband to return from WWII.”

Most people who shop vintage do it because it’s cheaper and the quality of the clothes is superior. A dress from Target may cost the same as a vintage version, but the craftsmanship is not the same. Vintage dresses come lined, and sometimes even hand-sewn.

Vintage shoppers also enjoy knowing that shopping at Frock You means supporting a 100 percentrecycled product...not something made out of recycled materials.

Every season clothing designers grapple with how to create new looks and maybe start a trend. One visit to Frock You, and the 1970s song“Everything Old is New Again” immediately comes to mind. Designers clearly look to the past to re-invent the future. True fashion plates tend to mix vintage with new, and understand that some things are timeless.

Frock You carries clothes from the 1940s-70’s, and if customers have a keen eye, they may find designer names like Dolce & Gabanna, Channel or Gucci.

All the clothes are cleaned and repaired before they hit the Frock You floor.

Vintage Kenny King.
Photo by Rebekah Sager

Huge Frocking Sales happen monthly with $1 piles, where King says he once found things by Marc Jacobs and Escada.

Frock You has some of the most competitive prices for vintage clothing in California. Astute vintage L.A. or San Francisco shoppers understand that vintage is cutting-edge fashion and will travel regularly down to San Diego to find the best at the best prices.

Shopping vintage is also political statement. It’s this group’s answer to fair trade. King says at this point in his life, he is virtually un-hirable at a mall. He has passionate feelings regarding what he sees at human rights violations by companies who employ people in sweatshops.

“Ninety-nine percent of our clothes are manufactured in the U.S. Many times the clothes were made at home,” says King.

Thanks to TV shows like Project Runway and the Rachel Zoe Project, fashion awareness has grown, but since the economy hasn’t, for many, vintage shopping is the best place to find couture looks at low-rent prices.

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 619.220.0630
  • Name: Frock You
  • Address: 4121 Park Blvd