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MOVIE REVIEWS: The Last Exorcism

This faux documentary is wonderfully scary

The Last Exorcism: Rates a B.
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I was dragged to the theatre kicking and screaming…kinda like the girl being chained to the bed before the exorcism. Boy was I wrong. This movie was a blast.

It was a lot better than The Blair Witch Project. It’s also very derivative of it, and other horror flicks -- The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby, a dash of Paranormal Activity – all rolled into one angry burrito. Oh wait…I got these notes mixed with my Machete notes.

Patrick Fabian was wonderful as the Reverend Cotton Marcus. The movie works so much because we can like this flawed hero, and not just think he’s a huckster taking money from naïve religious folks in Louisiana. I think a lesser actor would’ve just made this guy a creep that we wouldn’t enjoy watching so much.

The film is done in that faux documentary style, so you get some shaky cameras here and there; but this story is well-written and that style actually works perfectly for this type of film. Kudos to Eli Roth, who seems to usually be involved in projects I don’t care for.

It was also refreshing to see a horror movie that actually scares you at times.

Movies in this genre are usually filled with bad acting and writing, and are very predictable. This didn’t fall into any of those traps.

I did wonder about the scary music that was played in a few scenes. Sure, it heightens the tension, but if this is supposed to be a documentary, isn’t that cheating? It would be like watching The Office and hearing a laugh track.

The girl that may or may not have a demon in her, does a great job. So does her Deliverance-esque brother, who at times is scarier than his sis.

I’m keeping the lights on tonight.

This movie gets a B (for Blair – Linda Blair/Blair Witch).