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San Diego Film Festival 2010 Premieres

The red carpet at the San Diego Film Festival.
Photo by Ron Donoho

The new film Morning is a pas-de-deux of grief, tracking the intense misery of a husband and wife whose child accidentally dies. It was a heavy opening presentation that kicked off the ninth annual San Diego Film Festival. The five-day downtown event is happening at the Gaslamp Theater, and spreads to surrounding hotels for evening parties.

After 92-minutes of emotional gut punching, Morning director/actor Leland Orser led a Q&A about the film. Sensing that the theater audience had not just experienced a traditional Hollywood happy ending, Orser’s first remark was: “Sorry to do that to you.”

The movie stars Laura Linney, Elliott Gould, Kyle Chandler and Jeanne Tripplehorn.

Of lead actress Tripplehorn, Orser noted: “She’s one of the greatest actresses of our time. You could say I’m biased, though—I’m married to her.”

The San Diego Film Festival continues Thursday night, and one of the films screening tonight is A Little Help, starring Jenna Fischer (The Office).

SanDiego.com will present that film, and will co-host the post-movie Q&A. Will Fischer be on hand? At this writing, she had not confirmed, but according to an SDFF staffer, “she has not officially declined.”

For more information about movies, festival-related parties and tickets, go to: SDFF.