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San Diego Film Festival: Day Two In Review

SanDiego.com movie critic Josh Board.
Photo by Ron Donoho

Actress Jenna Fischer didn’t show up in person at the San Diego Film Festival, but her new movie, A Little Help, was funny and touching. SanDiego.com had the privilege of introducing the film (which will screen again on October 2 at 5:30 p.m.).

The SDFF staff assures me the director and a few actors will be on hand Saturday for after-movie Q&A.

So, too, (again) will SanDiego.com movie critic Josh Board (who claims the story about Fischer having a restraining order against him is an exaggeration of the real story).

A Little Help is the tale of a woman who drifts through life, but has to wake up to her responsibilities after her husband dies and her son faces teen-aged angst. Fischer (Pam, from The Office) showed she can effortlessly carry a full-length film on her soft, supple shoulders.

The Day Two crowd at the festival was bigger than Opening Day, and the Gaslamp Theater will get even more crowded tonight for the screening of acclaimed documentary Waiting For Superman. The film, by An Inconvenient Truth creator Davis Guggenheim, is an in-depth look at the American education system.

Comparing his two films on Fox5 TV this morning, Guggenheim analogously called his new movie: “An Uncomfortable Truth.”

One of the highlights of Day Two was the appearance of a character from festival offering The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams Of Duncan Hunter (showing again on October 2 at 3 p.m.). Aaron Moreland, dressed all in black as smarmy, cowboy-hat-wearing hipster-doofus named “Simply Irresistible” sang over-the-top karaoke in the lobby of the Gaslamp Theater.

I couldn’t get my video camera out fast enough to record him rolling on the lobby floor singing Chris Isaac’s “Wicked Game.” He kept the crowd hooting later at the SDFF after-party at Analog, where he got down (literally) for the karaoke crowd, and left us laughing and shaking our heads when he performed an extended nipple rubbing pose at the end of one set.

For more information on the film festival, which runs through Sunday, go to SDFF.