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MOVIE REVIEW: Last Train Home

This Chinese offering will leave you hungry (for entetainment)

Last Train Home: Rates a D-.
Courtesy photo

I love documentaries, but I just sat through one that was very boring.

Last Train Home tells the story of the 130 million migrant workers who are trying to get home to celebrate New Year’s. And you think you have problems trying to find a space for your carry-on luggage. The scenes in these train stations would cause panic attacks for viewers with claustrophobia.

The film spends three years with one poor family. We get to see the grandmother, the visits to the grandfathers grave, and a few family squabbles. More fights arise when one of the two children (the teenage daughter) goes through a rebellious stage.

I think this movie could’ve used some narration, to help explain some of the things we were watching.

I think it could’ve shown some of the factory owners, instead of merely showing the workers of these sweat shops.

And I don’t mind that it’s just one family featured – they just aren’t very interesting.

If you want to see a good Chinese picture that deals with the old way of life and the new, rent Shower, from about 10 years ago. It was one of my favorite films of that year.

I’m giving this movie a D-.