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ShopLocalSD: Tootsie's in La Jolla

Ownership is a family affair.
Photo by Rebekah Sager

Tootsie’s, the newest shoe boutique to open in La Jolla, goes by the motto “Affordable and Adorable.” Tootsie’s fills a much-needed void in La Jolla by offering shoes and accessories at phenomenal prices.

Sisters Joan Lofgren and MT Zaninovich, both born and bred in San Diego, opened the store a week ago. They enlisted the help of of Joan’s daughter, Eileen, a University of San Diego senior, who was brought in to “funk up” the place.

Lofgren says Tootsie’s is not a franchise, rather, it's a “friend-chise.” All of the stores connect back to the original owner Nini Dake, located in Laguna. Every one of the owners of the 10 stores across the country are either friends with Dake or a friend of a friend.

“Since we opened a week ago, I fill up a candy bowl at the beginning of the day, put it out on the counter for customers, and it’s gone within hours--that’s how I know we’re staying busy,” says Zaninovich.

Located across the country, the concept of the stores is to offer fashionable shoes, handbags and accessories at an affordable price. “It’s great to have a trendy shoe, like an over-the-knee boot, that may be out of style next season, and offer it to our customers for $68,” says Eileen Lofgren.

The Tootsie's interior.
Photo by Rebekah Sager

We all know women take shoe shopping very seriously. Tootsie’s provides great seating, cool shoes and candy—put it all together and it’s recipe for success.

Keeping the price range low isn’t challenging if you know which shoe lines to look for. The store has a wide selection of designers that know how to stay on trend, offer quality leather and keep prices within reach.

Lines like Franco Sarto, Sam Edelman, Steve Maddon, Bronx Diva and Enigma are all known for their great look and style with modest price tags.

Shoppers on a budget could travel to Target or DSW for affordable merchandise, but many of the customers who shop at Tootsie’s are locals. So, it means staying in the neighborhood—and even in tony La Jolla people enjoy convenience—especially if also means a great deal.

Tootsie’s Grand Opening party is scheduled for December 2. It's open to the public from 4-6 p.m., and the theme is Shoes, Chocolate, and Champagne. What women could resist that triumvirate?

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  • City: La Jolla, CA 92037
  • Phone: 858-412-4170
  • Name: Tootsie's
  • Address: 7458 Girard Ave.