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HGTV's Summer Baltzer Comes To San Diego

Jerry--the face of Jerome's.
Courtesty photo

When people in San Diego speak of Jerome's Furniture, it’s usually in reference to the overly energetic nerdy guy on the TV commercials. Discount furniture with same or next day delivery. People think it must be cheaply made because it’s so darn cheap.

The truth is, Jerome’s is a well-respected, three generational family owned great quality furniture store, celebrating its’ 56th year in San Diego.

Jim Navarro and two other men with retail furniture experience opened the original store in a wear house in downtown San Diego; it was called Strep’s. The store opened in 1954 after the end of WWII when retail was plentiful. The store was the first of its kind—discount furniture was a new concept.

When Jim Navarro became the sole owner in 1960, the country fell into a recession and Navarro struggled until the 1970s when his son, Jerry jumped in and turned the small retail business into the behemoth it is today. With the new name in place, Jerome’s Furniture, and five mega sized showrooms around the city, the prices and service was, then and now, literally un-beatable.

In 2007 Jerry stepped down as CEO, and third generation furniture businessman Lee Goodman stepped in. Jerry’s son Jim has also taken a role in the business with his wife Stephanie who is a buyer for the store.

Jim has new energy and with it a younger perspective. And Jerome’s will kick off one of its first collaborations with interior designer Summer Baltzer of the HGTV shows Design on a Dime and Unhinged.


Summer Baltzer.
Courtesy photo


On November 13, Baltzer will present a holiday decorating workshop titled “Home for the Holidays—Maximizing your personal style on a budget.”

With a background in theater set design and a licensed contractor, Baltzer brings a fresh take on design and how to focus style within your personal budget. She says she felt Jerome’s was a perfect fit with her strengths and her understanding of the SoCal look.

Baltzer has said that if you have a $1,000 (and you already own a decent couch), then her essential home decorating items are: area rugs, accent pillows, art, and, window treatments.

She also believes wall color is extremely important to setting a mood in a house or apartment and can make a huge difference in how a person feels in the home. She says that you should choose colors that you’re attracted to. She recommends that you always use an eggshell finish; the shine will bring light—especially important during the many San Diego grey days of June and May.

“Your home should emphasize who you are. Combining items like photographs, works of art, and other meaningful things with staple pieces from the Jerome’s furniture line is a great way to furnish your home and showcase your personality,” Baltzer says.

In tough economic times Jerry Navarra says that he’s seen a transition in San Diego tastes. “Customers are more sophisticated. Higher-end clients are looking to us as an alternative. We make it easy for people. If it’s easy shopping for new furniture can be a wonderful feeling,” Navarra says.

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  • City: San Diego, CA 92110
  • Phone: 866-633-4094
  • Name: Jerome's Furniture
  • Address: 1190 West Morena Blvd.