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The filmmakers deserved a bigger budget

Scoot McNairy as Kaulder in "Monsters."

Scoot McNairy as Kaulder in "Monsters."

  • Scoot McNairy as Kaulder in "Monsters."
  • Scoot McNairy as Kaulder in "Monsters."
  • Whitney Able as Sam in "Monsters."
  • Scoot McNairy as Kaulder in "Monsters."
  • Whitney Able as Sam in "Monsters."
  • Scoot McNairy as Kaulder and Whitney Able as Sam in "Monsters."
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Some people think we need a huge wall built at the Mexican border. Well, they have one in this movie. And it doesn’t do a good job of keeping the aliens out.

This story has NASA finding alien life in our solar system, and as it’s being brought back, there’s a crash. The alien DNA or whatever, produces these huge creatures that look like luminescent octopi. Once a year they need to make a trek to the water. You don’t want to get in their way when that happens.

The luminescence of these creatures is kind of cool once you see their eggs on the trees glowing too; or when an Army plane is floating in the water and we see the lights underneath it. Some eerie stuff.

The scenes through the jungles and rivers reminded me of Apocalypse Now! (not to mention a few soldiers humming Wagner).

Other scenes reminded me of District 9. There was also a touch of Cloverfield and Escape From New York. And was it me, or did these creatures sound a lot like Godzilla?

For a movie done with such a small budget (some say $20,000…others say just under $100,000) – the special effects and scenarios are all done very well.

I loved how the aliens looked, and liked how we don’t see them every second.

There were scenes where you’d see a tank in a pond, or some villagers pulling a fuselage on a wagon. Interesting visuals of the aftermath.

There’s a local criticwho mentions not liking Cloverfield partly because of the kids being annoying, and wishing the monster would kill them. Yet, she has no problem with the couple in this movie.

I found that odd because, I can give a pass to rich kids at a party that are a little drunk acting obnoxious. The adults in this movie not only didn’t have a single bit of chemistry with each other, they did idiotic things.

I was wishing the script made them more likable and interesting, as we spent the movie following them. It was more of a love story than an alien picture (which is fine…but give us something we enjoy watching more).

When the guy sleeps with a prostitute in Mexico, and she still considers having a relationship with him – well, those signs that said “Infected Zone” had a whole new meaning for me, but apparently not her.

There’s a scene near the end where these huge aliens are shown mating. It would’ve been great to watch, but I couldn’t help wonder why the two humans watching this were in awe. After seeing the destruction these creatures bring, I’m guessing you’d use that time to get out of Dodge. Instead they watch as if they were teenagers that stumbled across some porn on cable (since the aliens were above a gas station, I was hoping one would reach its long arm in and grab a pack of cigarettes before leaving).

The ending of the movie was weak, and I think all 25 people in the theater with me were in agreement on that.

The film held my interest and was pretty good. I just can’t give it a higher grade than a D+ because of the few flaws I found with it and lack of originality.

I hope this filmmaker is given a bigger budget and we see what he can really do. I’m guessing it will be rather impressive and I, for one, look forward to seeing the results.