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MOVIE REVIEW: The Next Three Days

Prepare to be on the edge of your seat

The Next Three Days

The Next Three Days

  • The Next Three Days
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I wasn’t expecting much from a movie directed by Paul Haggis. He gave us the most overrated Oscar nominated movies in history – Million Dollar Baby and Crash. The latter being the worst movie to ever win an Oscar for Best Picture.

Before Haggis became the stud screenwriter/director of feature films, he was the man behind Walker, Texas Ranger.

Another flaw I thought the movie was going to have is – if you go with a premise that Russell Crowe is going to break his wife out of prison – even if she is innocent -- he’s going to end up in jail at some point.

It’s the same flawed logic as Denzel Washington taking over a hospital so his son can have a surgery he can’t afford. Well, that’s great. After the kid is saved though, he’s going to be spending 10 years in the pokey.

The way this story develops and turns out, those things aren’t problems.

A few people are saying this movie had twists, and it really doesn’t. It just has situations that you don’t properly anticipate, which I found to be a lot of fun.

I also enjoyed the deliberate pacing of this picture. Some people might find the movie boring at times. I didn’t.

I loved the fact that this was a regular guy, who came to a tough decision. And in trying to make it happen, realizes it’s a lot harder than he ever anticipated.

This isn’t Steven Seagal hijacking a helicopter, shooting the walls out of a building and swooping in to rescue the damsel in distress.

Crowe spends time on the Internet, learning about how to make a fake key or breaking into a car using a tennis ball. Sometimes these things work, sometimes they don’t.

It’s also fun because we’ve read so many stories in the newspaper, and seen CSI and Forensic Files, we realize that when Crowe decides to scrap one plan and throws his trash out – that might come back to haunt him later.

And driving into the seedy part of town to buy things can be a lot trickier than you might imagine.

I was disappointed with The Town. It was okay, but the basic premise has these young guys executing perfect robberies and not getting caught. Yet we don’t see them plan any of these things out or know how they are being done so efficiently.

There are action pictures out right now (Unstoppable), which is okay – but getting great reviews. Yet this movie isn’t getting the best reviews.

Elizabeth Banks, who I’m used to seeing in comedies (a nympho in 40-Year-Old Virgin and Miri in Zach and Miri Make a Porno), pulls off a nice performance in a serious role.

The kid in this is adorable, and reminds me of the boy in Kramer vs. Kramer. Even more so when the father is by himself at the playground with the boy, or he reads letters to him from his mom and the boy doesn’t want to hear them.

Sure, the movie had a few things I didn’t care for. One being Brian Dennehy, an actor that always has a great presence on screen, not given much to do but scowl.

Liam Neeson, with shifty eyes, has an interesting scene as an ex-con giving Crowe some advice.

If you’re looking for an action picture that doesn’t insult your intelligence, and you aren’t expecting car chases every two minutes or a train blowing up – this won’t disappoint.

Who would’ve thought you could be on the edge of your seat just watching a man trying to use a fake key.

I’m giving it a B-.