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MOVIE REVIEW: The Milk of Sorrow

A sour story that spoiled early

The Milk of Sorrow: Rates a D.
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When an opening scene that could’ve been so powerful – an old Peruvian woman discussing the murder of her husband and rape – but she does it singing, I was fascinated but confused.

The story was at times abstract and beautifully shot. Other times, it was boring and abstract.

The premise (or the best I can make of it), is about a young lady that suffers a disease transmitted through breast milk. That stems from her mother being raped during pregnancy.

Oh, and she has a potato growing in her vagina. Not sure if that means the man that raped her mother was Mr. Potato Head or if this is just one of many metaphors.

At two hours and 10 minutes, most of it v e r y s l o w -- I would’ve rather been shot in the head by a potato gun.

The cinematography almost made me forget the many problems I had with the movie. Oh, and seeing a funny typo in the subtitles was fun. A woman is talking about her hairdo for the “weeding.” Luckily, we saw a wedding dress being made in an earlier scene.

During some of the slower scenes, I just sat there thinking of potato jokes I could throw in this review. I was cracking myself up, but as I sit here typing the review, the only one I remember was a take-off on the movie Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (filmed here in San Diego). I thought this movie could’ve been called Attack of the Killer Potatoes.

Pass the ketchup.

I’m giving the movie a D.