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Boudoir Nightclub Proudly Selling Sex

Boudoir: Now open for risque business.
Photo Courtesy Boudoir

Boudoir nightclub held its grand opening Friday night. To call the place “racy” is understatement akin to calling Meryl Streep a “good” actor.

If I hadn’t attended the opening with my girlfriend, I might have noticed the abundant cleavage proudly and profusely exposed by the bartenders and wait staff. If Boudoir stays open, its employees will single-handedly keep nearby Hustler Hollywood in business—if only via the fishnet stocking department.

Boudoir is the former site of Jade Theater, at the corner of Seventh Avenue and C Street. It’s another feather in the cap of Mike Viscuso, who operates On Broadway and Belo in San Diego, as well as The Kress in Los Angeles.

Jade Theater couldn’t get the crowds to meander over from the Gaslamp Quarter. Boudoir seems to be banking on a secret weapon to draw business—whips, chains and leather bondage apparatuses.

Several windows and interiors are decorated with whips. And I think I saw a lampshade made of feathered handcuffs.

Upstairs is a Dominatrix Room, where there’s a working spin wheel. Sign the waiver, and the dominatrix on duty will buckle you into the wheel and spin you, presumably until you utter your “safe” word. (Staff claims no one has thrown up…yet.)

In the Glass Room, purchase a bottle of alcohol and your cocktail waitress will change into the costume of your choice.

Boudoir gave me the vibe of a prostitution-themed amusement park. But if they can get sex to sell—and that’s been known to work—then this new club will definitely meet its quota.

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