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MOVIE REVIEW: I Love You Phillip Morris

Jim Carrey is looking for an Oscar

I Love You Phillip Morris

I Love You Phillip Morris

  • I Love You Phillip Morris
  • I Love You Phillip Morris
  • I Love You Phillip Morris
  • I Love You Phillip Morris
  • Jim Carrey as Steven in "I Love You Phillip Morris."
  • I Love You Phillip Morris
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The title I Love You Phillip Morris, makes you think you’re in for a movie about cigarettes. It would go well on a marquee with Thank You For Smoking. Imagine that: Thank You For Smoking, I Love You Phillip Morris.

A different title could’ve been used, but Phillip Morris is a real person. And as crazy as this story is, it’s true.

The story is about a con man (Jim Carrey) who is happily married, and spirals out of control upon finding his real mother (he was adopted). He leaves his wife and gets involved in a relationship with a man.

As he says in the movie “It’s expensive living high on the gay hog.” So to keep up with expensive gifts he buys his lover, he’s involved in a number of scams. Some of them as simple as “slipping” in a grocery store, others are much more elaborate.

I’m guessing Anderson Cooper isn’t going to be a fan of this movie. They do some gay stereotypes that the gay community won’t care for.

Everyone is claiming Carrey is a lock for an Oscar nomination and many critics and talk show hosts say this is the best performance he’s ever done. I think it’s good, but I liked him more in some of his better movies – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Man on the Moon, and The Truman Show. My guilty pleasure is The Cable Guy, which I found to be hysterical.

The screenwriters behind this did Bad Santa, a comedy I hated.

I think this movie could’ve used a few rewrites and not been so uneven. It wants to be a quirky comedy, a drama, with a Catch Me While You Can vibe.

There are many times I laughed, but it took the serious elements out of the dramatic scenes that followed.

I was entertained watching it, and there’s nothing worse than sitting in a theatre feeling like you’re wasting two hours.

There are a number of amusing scenes.

You know how prisoners make shivs out of toothbrushes? Carrey turns his toothbrush into something he can blow bubbles out of. Oh, and prison is where he meets Ewan McGregor, who turns in a decent performance.

Some of the courtroom scenes are amusing, and reminded me of My Cousin Vinny. I just think instead of going for a crazy comedy they should’ve played it straight (no pun intended). I think they got Carrey (who supposedly worked for scale so the movie could get made), and they figured they had to have him being wacky.

Phillip Morris – I didn’t love you. I liked you; like an older brother. I just don’t feel that way about you. Can’t we just stay friends?

This movie gets a C-.