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What To Wear For New Year's Eve

Sequined poncho by
Minnie Rose.

Courtesy Pink Lagoon

What to wear on New Year's Eve?

One of the most important pieces of advice I give on NYE attire is not to go out and buy something just for the night. The following trends apply to dressing for any “big night out”...

Buy a beautiful and very comfortable pair of nude, peep-toe, patent leather platform pumps. They’ll dress up any of the very in style jewel-toned dresses and they’ll take you through your spring and summer wardrobes. Tooties in La Jolla sells a pair for $100; or, try to find the latest hot shoe by Christian Louboutin, the “Banana” pump, for $750.

Get yourself a great pair of “fancy” pants. Something that you look hot in, you can wear with a sexy top or a beautifully tailored jacket. Don’t think about wearing them without super high heels. Victor & Rolf make an amazing pair you can find at Gerhard Boutique in Del Mar. These bad boys are an investment, but every time you put them on, you’ll be happy you made it. (Just don’t gain weight.)

Give yourself a good scrub and add a little fake sunny glow. Nothing says relaxed and sexy like a tan. We’re not talking about orange-Oompha Loompa-Snooki tan; we’re talking about the new Instant Glow Mousse by St. Tropez. It goes on after your bathe, doesn’t turn your hands orange and washes off in the shower.

Rag & Bone Sibella dress.
Courtesy Kerut Boutique

You can find it online for $22. Don’t use it everyday, just for special nights here and there.


Dresses are always a great bet. I’m a dress person because they’re easy. I recommend spending the money on a great dress and not a lot on a couple trendy ones. So, if you want to follow the mini-sequined, beaded, feathered, jewel-toned, lace or one-shouldered theme for NYE 2011, I suggest Bloomingdale’s in Fashion Valley and only the Aqua line. It’s super trendy and very well priced. If you want to do the smart thing, make a visit to Kerut Boutique in La Jolla and check out the black Sibella dress by Rag & Bone ($478). This is a piece you can wear day or evening depending on how you style it.

Pump up any look with cool accessories. I love the gold belts by Halston Heritage ($75) and the super cool poncho by Mini Rose ($175). Both can be found at Pink Lagoon in Solana Beach.

Treat yourself to a makeover on NYE day at one of our local department store makeup counters. It’s free and once your face looks fierce, it really doesn’t matter as much what you’re wearing. My favorite person to see is Sheila Nellis at Trish McEvoy. She can be found at Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom in Fashion Valley or Nordstrom UTC in La Jolla.

Lastly, remember, looking your best is all in the attitude. Have fun (and be safe on the roads and everywhere--so you keep looking good).