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Start Planning Now For San Diego Restaurant Week

Blue Point Coastal Cuisine is one of the many restaurants participating in San Diego Restaurant Week.
Blue Point Coastal Cuisine is one of the many
restaurants participating in San Diego Restaurant Week.
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It’s that time again, San Diego.

Time for diners to lick their chops in anticipation of multiple days of discount feasting. Time for restaurateurs to batten down their dining rooms for increased covers. Time for chefs to wince and reluctantly hit the autopilot button.

Yes, San Diego Restaurant Week is right around the corner. That means a lot of things to a lot of people, but for you fair diner, it means that from January 16 through 21, the county is your oyster … or crab cake … or short rib. It all depends on the restaurant you choose, and there’s certainly no shortage of options. More than 180 venues are participating this time around. Those eateries range in style from luxurious creased linen upscale models to trendy gastropubs, lounges and watering holes, plus everyday neighborhood bistros and cafés. With such a wealth of options—and restaurants offering cuisines from around the globe—finding a spot that fits one’s personal tastes is simple.

The same can be said for finding a spot that fits into one’s budget. Participating restaurants have set the price for their San Diego Restaurant Week menus at $20, $30 or $40 (in the early years, the $20 option was not available, but its addition has allowed venues of the non-high-end variety to throw their toques in the ring).

The entire list of participating restaurants can be viewed online along with each of their three-course menus, all of which are designed to follow the traditional appetizer-entrée-dessert format. Be forewarned, skimming those menus can (and likely will) cause uncontrollable salivating and increased heartbeat. Be prepared to spend some time. After all, one wouldn’t want to miss out on some clever riff on a classic recipe or a signature dish from one of San Diego’s finest chefs.

Rest assured, investing such time and effort up front is as tough as it gets during Restaurant Week. Once the decisions and reservations have been made, it’s as simple as showing up, sitting back and enjoying the food and ambience at a new spot or a familiar favorite. With prices slashed considerably for this six-day promotion, even paying the tab is easy (or at least a lot less taxing).

In an effort to ensure that readers extract the most enjoyment possible from this countywide feast-fest, I’ll be offering up some recommendations and tips about places to go and items to consider as you plan your itinerary. So be sure to check back. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some menus to peruse.