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The Lincoln Room Replaces Downtown's Confidential Lounge

The Lincoln Room (901 Fourth Avenue; 619-696-8888) has been born in the downtown space once occupied by Confidential Restaurant + Loft. Sleek white walls have been replaced by a wood cabin décor where Honest Abe himself would have felt comfortable.




The new Lincoln Room.

Photo by Ron Donoho



In fact,a giant painting of the 16th President of the United States hangs quite noticeably above the downstairs bar, next to a powerfully light sigh that simply reads: LINCOLN.

Lincoln’s visage adorns the $5 bill and the penny. Ergo, a lot of daily food specials will cost…$5. And here’s my two cents about the way pennies were used in the bar/restaurant’s décor: It’s money. I was informed that roughly 65,000 pennies were used, primarily inlaid on tables on the top and bottom floors of the loft-like setting.

El Camino restaurateur Mauricio Couturier collaborated on the design; but ownership of the place remains the same—Left Coast Partners, with co-owners Darren Moore and Merritt Powell. And in a reprise of his former role, chef Chris Walsh, who opened Confidential then left, is back.

Moore and Powell also co-own La Puerta, a Mexican eatery just down the street that has a strong local following and offers lots of low-cost specials. Look for more of that at the Lincoln Room.

And when you check the place out for the first time, and you admire the copper coins below your dinner plate, know that if you say to your companion, “A penny for your thoughts,” you won’t be the first to the table with that quip.