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Have Some Laughs With The National Comedy Theatre

For the past 11 seasons, The National Comedy Theatre in Mission Hills has been hosting packed audiences with over 2,500 consecutive shows and counting. Known for their nationally recognized comedy troupe, The National Comedy Theatre specializes in clean improvisational comedy. With a growing cast of performers, The NCT players perform a 90-minute show based entirely on audience suggestions. It’s basically Who’s Line Is It Anyway? with an added twist.

Improv and audience participation about at the NCT.
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Two uniformed improv teams will go head to head against each other in a competitive battle of wits, with a referee (also uniformed) overseeing the action and calling “fouls” as he sees fit. “Fouls” you might ask? What sort of “fouls” could there be in improvisational comedy? Well the most common “foul” occurring in these shows is the “brown bag foul.” This is where one of the players has said something “offensive” and thereafter a brown bag is placed over the offender's head. As to what is deemed “offensive” at The National Comedy Theatre, well you’ll just have to go experience it for yourself. Just don’t go expecting a Friar’s Club Roast with Don Rickles, as all of the shows at the NCT are family-friendly and all-ages.

If you’re the type of person who has a desire to become a part of the show, The NCT is the place for you, as they are known to regularly bring audience members onstage to interact in the various skits and games being performed.

And if you’re really interested in becoming a part of the show, The NCT also offers improvisational training with a series of classes that are available to the public for a nominal enrollment fee.

The National Comedy Theatre has two shows every Friday and Saturday at 7:30 and 9:45 p.m., with a special midnight show held on the last Saturday of each month.

Tickets for adults are $15, students/seniors/military $12.

The National Comedy Theatre, 3714 India St. San Diego, CA 92103. (619) 295-4999