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I love radio. I was hooked on it from the earliest times. I was one of the weird kids who called the request line hoping the DJ would answer it and play my request....
Marked only by two non-lighted signs, one being almost illegible, this lounge is an underground secret for locals and visitors alike.
You've heard of the "coyote problem" but have you heard of "The Coyote Problem"? Probably not. How could you have heard about them?
You may not realize you're living in one of the hottest wine markets in the country.
I caught Tim Flannery coming out of our offices here at KPRI a few days ago as he had just delivered his latest album by hand. That says a lot about the kind of...
There's a little of New Orleans in San Diego.
Think you know the answer to the question in the title?Don't answer it. Yet.Over the next few weeks, three of the world's greatest living guitarists are coming to...
If you're looking for a huge venue with DJ's spinning loud music on three dance floors...don't come to Thin. In fact, dancing is prohibited in this lounge.
Breaker Breaker one-nine, C'mon back. Satellite Radio?
Built in 1999 as an homage to lifeguard and pilot Ron Trenton, who disappeared in 1997, this casual beach bar and restaurant delivers great food and drinks for...