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Outside the Gas Lamp Quarter and a few other choice restaurant clusters around town, you won't find more creative and delicious presentations than The El Agave Tequileria
An album recorded right here at our radio station KPRI FM 102.1 is Live Tracks Volume 2 and it benefits Voices for Children. When a charity is involved that...
What a great job I have. Speaking with people who make music and learning what drives them... inspires them... makes them tick... I wouldn't trade it. A few years...
Mark Knopfler has a new album out titled "Shangri-La".
It's 1977... And there I was carrying my guitar and pushing a P.A. system into the "Papa's Pizza and Pasta" just off Highway 98 in Daphne, Alabama.
I'm a big fan of local music and I've been trying, in my meager way, to promote local music in San Diego for quite a while.
Old Town is known for its Mexican Food, but tucked away at the Southern end of San Diego Avenue's run through the center of Old Town is one of the city's best...
Sometimes I fall into the best adventures after getting lost. And, food lover that I am, a restaurant discovery usually lies around the next unforeseen bend.
Whenever Mrs Eater and I go to Costco in Mission Valley, as often as not, we hit the Dragon, for its top notch warming tray Chinese, and its wall of tea.
Who would ever think having squishy, rubbery balls the size of large peas added to flavored drinks would be edible, much less a craze?