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Golden Worry
Golden Worry
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Baltimore, Maryland, has been a hotbed of creativity in recent years. Bands that were playing in people’s living rooms and garages just a year or two ago have recently found themselves performing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and CONAN.

On their third full length album for Thrill Jockey Records, the band known as Thank You are well on their way towards earning a much coveted spot on Lopez Tonight. Entitled Golden Worry, the six tracks on the album reveal an evolution of their avant-garde sound, while stylistically embarking towards a realm where art rock and popular music collide.Much like Spinal Tap, original members Jeffrey McGrath and Michael Bouyoucas lost their first drummer Elke Wardlaw along the golden road to success. They were lucky enough to soon replace him with new percussionist Emmanuel Nicolaidis, whom we can only hope survives long enough to see the recording of their fourth LP and subsequent west coast tour. Consisting of six tracks all around 4-6 minutes long, Golden Worry is full of jagged guitars and frenetic drumbeats, almost qualifying as an instrumental album since there are limited vocals throughout the record. Employing the use of mini moog, harmonica, jaw harp, electronic sampler and a vox organ from the 1960s, Thank You crafted together an eclectic and hypnotic album that straddles the line between indie rock and free jazz. (Thrill Jockey Records)

With no immediate plans to tour the left coast any time soon, Golden Worry will have to satiate fans throughout California and provide them with solace during these cold winter nights.