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GOLF TIPS: The Over-Swing

Over-swing position
Over-swing position
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Did you know that you can't make a change in your swing until you know what it feels like? As an instructor I can either show you on swing analysis software, verbally explain it or get you to feel it. I think the latter is by far the most advantageous for the student of golf.

Let's talk about over-swinging. I have seen a lot of golfers take a swing and a half when they’re swinging the golf club. Maybe trying to get more distance or it just really feels normal. The over-swing can cause a series of complications that can render the swing powerless and encourage a loss of direction.

Put a swimming noodle or some plumbers foam in your right armpit at address. Take your backswing until your left arm comes to a stop up against the swimming noodle. That’s approximately where your back swing should stop. Yes I know, it feels like a half-swing. But if you rotated your shoulders as far as you can without compromising your lower body, i.e. (straightening or bowing your right knee) that position is as far back as the club should go.Here is a simple drill to help you get the feel of not over-swinging:

It's amazing how you get a half-swing feel with a full-swing ball flight. Don't believe me, schedule your next lesson and we'll get you to feel it and see the proof.