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DVD REVIEW: Chris Porter

Screaming From The Cosmos
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Perhaps best known as a finalist on season 4 of Last Comic Standing, comedian Chris Porter seems almost too sober and on point when compared to the chosen stage backdrop of his debut DVD: a purple and red mishmash of color behind a giant pot leaf. Towering over the microphone stand, the lanky Porter yells in his raspy voice about arguing with the idiots in his head and the women he continually falls for, reminding the audience of just how out of touch he actually is with the topics he discusses.

On Screaming From the Cosmos, Porter examines his evolution into a man past his mid-20’s by refusing to talk to attractive women who drink alcohol mixed with energy drinks (“It’s 3 in the morning, shut up!”) and revealing how the same women make his "equipment" flaccid when mind-numbingly awful musical preferences are brought up (such as Coldplay).

The comedy is impressively personal, albeit still covering standard comedy fair. Porter reexamines his newly matured life with the rigor and logic most would attribute to subjects like law instead of comedy. As a result, Cosmos doesn’t necessarily revolutionize the genre, but does enough to make coming to terms with the “crazy world we live in” at least an exercise in creativity.

Perhaps the most distinctive aspect of Porter’s stage presence is his appearance: his penchant for dressing in disco style collared shirts paired with sports jackets gives one the impression that he envisioned himself more so a blues brother than a nightly jester for drunk and unruly audiences. He pulls it off, however, by making it apparent that the frustration he exudes is backed by trace amounts of blunt confidence.

While Porter’s first DVD release isn’t the most provocative or culturally challenging, it still manages to pull out the laughs when they count the most. From namedropping his favorite band (The Black Crowes) while speaking about a favorite past time (smoking marijuana), to complaining about the people who continue to honk their horns during rush hour traffic (“Have you ever honked your horn, and [the stoners up front] started doing 70 again?”), the crowd screams and hollers in unison, almost as if prompted by a studio audience applause sign.

Highlights include jokes on Axe Body Spray, drinking the blood of Christ and, as expected, trying to score some tail. The 45-minute DVD also features an audio CD of the special and full-length commentary from Porter and the film's director Emery Emery. (Stand Up! Records)

Chris Porter headlines The La Jolla Comedy Store February 11-12, with shows at 8 and 10:30 p.m.

Tickets are $20.00. (21+).

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