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Frosted Robin Cupcakes Makes A Sweet Landing In Seaport Village

A cupcake decorated with a little girl playing in a ball pit
A cupcake decorated with a little girl playing in a ball pit
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Cupcakes have become the hot new dessert all over San Diego, and Frosted Robin Cupcake Café has claimed Seaport Village. In this tourist-heavy collection of shops and restaurants near the Marina, Frosted Robin owners Sheree and Guy P. Harrison are bent on serving quality products that locals and visitors alike will appreciate.

The café officially opened February 13, and the robin’s-egg blue walls and French countryside furnishings create a welcoming backdrop for a tasty snack. As customers walk past the outdoor bistro tables and through the double-door entrance, they’re greeted with a counter and display case filled with some of the cutest cupcakes imaginable. Frosted Robin has a cupcake artist that’s a genius with fondant cupcake toppings, and her designs – anything from animals to small scenes -- are tapped mostly for the bakery’s catering division. But, draw the eyes upward and gaze upon the chalkboard listing the dozens of daily cupcake flavors offered, as well as coffees and teas … and try to choose just one.

Sheree, the woman behind the idea of the cafe, used to work as the global director of marketing for a large international law firm based in her native Cayman Islands. She traveled around the world for meetings and for vacations, and she fell in love with Seaport Village while on a trip to San Diego. Ready to do something different, she left Cayman and her successful career, followed her artistic callings and opened Frosted Robin.

She created the name, logo and décor herself. “I wanted something that makes people happy,” she said of the concept. “I wanted it to feel like somebody’s home.”

The cupcake flavors vary from traditional to extremely unique, from kid-friendly to more refined. Sheree and her husband Guy created the flavor offerings around things they’ve come across during their travels. There’s English sticky toffee, Cayman custard, sweet potato, cherry vanilla, lavender, watermelon, Lychee rose and more than 30 others. During the planning of the bakery, the couple’s youngest child, Marissa, reminded them to not forget about the kids—which is why you’ll see some mainstream flavor choices, as well. Marissa’s current favorite cupcake flavors are red velvet, bubble gum, French vanilla and mango.

Frosted Robin will offer 16-20 flavors per month and constantly rotate the menu so customers have new choices at every visit. A regular sized cupcake is $4, and there are also petite cupcakes perfect for satiating the smallest sweet tooth.

Not only are the cupcakes unique in flavor and design, but Sheree and Guy are adamant that quality products are used to make them. Frosted Robin offers organic, fair-trade coffees from San Diego company Café Virtuoso, and there are about a dozen tasty loose-leaf tea blends from Art of Tea.

In the age of the gourmet cupcake, Frosted Robin has chosen quality above anything else, and Seaport Village is a little sweeter for it.


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  • City: San Diego
  • Name: Frosted Robin Cupcakes
  • Address: Seaport Village