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VIDEO: Joy Division


Have you ever wondered what Joy Division would like if they were tiny Playmobil figures jamming out to ‘Transmission?’ Well German native Dirk Roth did, so he set out to recreate the bands iconic performance from a 1977 John Peel Session, using tiny Playmobil figurines to craft a stop motion animation tribute to the fallen post-punk heroes, specifically the bands’ late lead singer Ian Curtis.

Notorious for having epileptic seizures onstage during Joy Division shows, Roth remained as honest to the band as he possibly could, painstakingly molding the tiny figurines into a three-and-a-half minute performance that took him the better half of three weeks to complete.

On the eve of Joy Division’s 1980’s U.S. tour, Curtis committed suicide leaving a haunting legacy for Joy Division fans and a future for his band mates as they would later go on to form New Order and become one of the best selling groups in the past 30 years.