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Glee Defeates Elvis And The Beatles On Billboard Battle

Cast of TV show Glee set a new record for most songs on the charts

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With downloads of music now, a lot of how things are compiled on the Billboard charts is different.

In previous years, you got a lot of fun trivia that came out of it.

For example, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon was on the Billboard Top 100 for an amazing 1,500 straight weeks. That’s 18 years straight since its release in 1973. And after 1988, it still had 759 non-consecutive weeks on the chart, probably because of the rumors that you could play it while watching The Wizard of Oz, and see various things from the movie that matched up with the song lyrics.

The album sold over 40 million copies worldwide.

San Diego singer/songwriter Jack Tempchin used to perform every Tuesday in Encinitas at the Calypso Café before a fire damaged the building (it should be open in a few months and he’ll be back to his regular gig there).He wrote a number of hits for Glen Frey ("Slow Dancing," "You Belong to the City,""Smuggler’s Blues"), but it was when Frey was in The Eagles that he wrote a few of his bigger money makers, "Already Gone" and "Peaceful Easy Feeling."The Eagles album Their Greatest Hits 1971 – 75, was considered the biggest selling record on Billboard charts behind Michael Jackson’s Thriller. After those stories started popping up everywhere, Tempchin sued for the proper amount of royalties.One of the complaints was the money he got each time the song was played not going up and compensating for the fact that there’s inflation. He was getting a whopping 2.4 cents each time the tune was played. Rumor was he didn’t get the proper amount for the copies of the Greatest Hits album, either.

The case was settled confidentially, but it supposedly netted Tempchin a few million.

The latest thing to come up with the Billboard Hot 100 chart is the fact that the cast of Glee has passed The Beatles, Elvis, and Michael Jackson! The Fox TV show has set the record for the most songs on the Billboard chart in their 52-year history.Last week, Glee debuted six songs on the chart, which gave them 113 total songs to hit Billboard. For those keeping track, that’s five more than the king of rock ‘n roll, Elvis Presley.

The 1,000th number one song on the charts accured last week, too. Any guesses?The lady that popped out of the egg at the Grammy’s – Lady Gaga, with her tune "Born This Way."