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Babycakes Is Both Bar And Bakery

Babycakes Bar and Lounge
Babycakes Bar and Lounge
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Baby, we just love us some Babycakes. What a find! A short block off of University Avenue at Robinson and Fifth in Hillcrest, at first glance Babycakes seems like a bit of a hole in the wall. But wait for it, and soon your senses (most importantly your taste buds) will be tickled with delight.

This former 1889 Craftsman Style Home is transformed into an intimate, engaging setting filled with sweets and fun. A small little-bitty-of-a-walkway meanders up a path to Babycakes. It literally feels like you’re opening a gate into someone’s front yard and walking the narrow path to the house. The large, inviting patio greets you first as a harbinger to what lies beyond. Here is where your first life decision comes to play (others will follow). To the right are steps leading into what is currently a haven of decadence and pure pleasure. Don’t worry; we’re talking G-rated fare here in the form of fabulous cupcakes. To the left is an invitingly intimate bar area, creating its own version of decadent behavior with killer “liquid sweets” in the form of chocolate martinis, butterscotch truffles and orange dreamsicles. Here is where the R-rated part comes into play as these are obviously not for the kiddies. Just us adults with the mind of a kid. That include most everyone we know ... you?

The stairs to the right bring you into a wee-bit of a bakery counter. A steeple ceiling lifts upward with interesting looking bird cages and three red Christmas trees staring down at you from the loft above. These are present whether it’s the holiday season or not, so just go with “festive”. A vintage chandelier presides over the case of delicious looking cupcakes, large and small, along with other sweet delights. A brick fireplace and couches to the right invokes comfort and warmth.

Some serious cupcakes are to be had in this joint, and some palette-changing decisions to be made. Each tasty treats looks too good to not be appraised and we did our best. Red velvet, pistachio, mocha, blood orange, guava/mango, pomegranate, peanut butter & jelly, hazelnut and more shame the traditional chocolate and vanilla versions. These bad boys are just too tempting not to be devoured. Go with your heart and your taste buds, opt for an old favorite or “cross to the dark side” and set your sights on something new. All are creamy, rich and so very good that we bet your eyes roll back in your head at least once. Regular sized cakes can be made to order along with tarts, éclairs and even food items. Can you say “sugar coma”?

Between the sweet morsels and the pending bar adventure, grabbing a quick bite of real food is a good idea. For lunch, Babycakes also serves a selection of savory items to entice. Stuffed croissants, quiche, chicken pot pies and lasagna (veggie or meat versions) all fit the bill. Sometimes you just need a little savory with your sweet.

Last but not least is the bar and lounge area a few steps down from the cupcake counter. A long narrow room adorned with deep red velvet drapes is splintered by large mirrors of random shapes. In a bar it’s always good to grab a quick glance to make sure you’re still looking good, or at least not covered in frosting. The deep wooden bar completely invites you to saunter up and grab a specialty libation. Whether it’s the aforementioned sweet concoctions, or more traditional fare, Babycakes will deliver the goods with a wink and a smile. At the end of the long bar area lies yet another lounge area with comfortable chairs and couches. Sit and chat with friends, grab a gourmet coffee or surf the internet if work and play still needs tending to. Think Starbucks without the steep prices and, hey, have a cocktail if you want to instead of yet another coffee. Life is all about balance, huh?

Babycakes has all the makings of a friendly visit. Whether for drinks, a quick bite or a dozen cupcakes to go, they have it covered. Even after returning on several occasions, the enduring good-natured atmosphere is beyond charming. Just thinking about it makes us want to go back for more. Enjoy!

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  • City: San Diego
  • Phone: 619-296-4173
  • Name: Babycakes
  • Address: 3766 Fifth Ave