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MOVIE REVIEW: Even the Rain (También la lluvia)

A film about the making of a movie whose plot is the Spanish conquest of America.

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This movie follows a crew on the making of a film, and wants to show the plight and exploitation of the poor. That isn’t just with the extras on the set of this film in Bolivia, but also with the water company in that town. I’m happy this didn’t feel as preachy as it could have; instead, they focused on giving viewers an interesting and entertaining movie.

Gael Garcia Bernal (Babel, Letters to Juliet) is a Mexican actor that always brings solid performances to his roles. In this, he plays the director of a film on Christopher Columbus. Against the advice of his producer (Luis Tosar), he casts a local that was making trouble at the auditions. You see, word got out they pay $2 a day, which is good money to the poor people in town. And when hundreds of people showed up, they decided not to see everyone. An angry guy, played by the unusual looking Carlos Aduviri, complains about the hours they’ve waited in the sun, and goes into a story about his daughter wanting to act. Both of them end up getting cast in key parts as Indians.I enjoyed how early on, Bernal fights to get the extra the part while Tosar realizes he’ll be trouble. When that trouble starts arising and Tosar pays a visit to his home – he slowly starts to become the guy that cares about this local and his family. In fact, all the filmmakers are concerned about the plight of the locals; but like most people, they’re more concerned with their lives. In this case, that’s the film being made. And you don’t fault them for that.

There were some great scenes. A huge cross being carried over the crowd by a helicopter. Another is a table reading where an actor gets really into his role as Columbus, taking an earring off a confused caterer and demanding to know where the gold is.

As this is about a film that is being made where slaves are exploited, and we overhear filmmakers talk about how much they’re saving paying locals to do various tasks, such as erecting a huge crucifix,some will be bothered by the obvious parallels.Since there really were protests over water in 2000, this scenario ofEven The Rainworks perfectly with the story told.It’s all a nice little history lesson, too.

I give this a solid B.