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MOVIE REVIEW: The Adjustment Bureau

VIDEO: Matt Damon gets to talk politics in this Phillip K. Dick sci-fi movie

(L-R) Matt Damon as David and Emily Blunt as Elise in "The Adjustment Bureau."

(L-R) Matt Damon as David and Emily Blunt as Elise in "The Adjustment Bureau."

  • (L-R) Matt Damon as David and Emily Blunt as Elise in "The Adjustment Bureau."
  • The Adjustment Bureau
  • The Adjustment Bureau
  • A scene from "The Adjustment Bureau."
  • Matt Damon as David Norris in "The Adjustment Bureau."
  • The Adjustment Bureau
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What happens if you take the characters in Mad Men – the old suits and fedoras minus the cigarettes – and instead of selling insurance, they’re watching people to make sure they stay on the path created for them? Wait…they did take one of the guys in Mad Men (John Slattery…who perhaps raided the Mad Men wardrobe department before filming of this started)

That’s the premise to this movie, taken from a short Phillip K. Dick story (the man that had stories turn into Blade Runner, Total Recall, and Minority Report – not a shabby collection of sci-fi there). There are many movies with similar themes that are much better than Adjustment Bureau: Dead Zone, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Oh God, Heaven Can Wait, Inception, and heck, even a few Twilight Zone episodes. That doesn’t mean this is a bad movie, it was just lacking something. It might have been the romance.

Matt Damon and Emily Blunt had nice chemistry, but viewers are given gaps between the time they’re spending together; why was Damon with her? She threw his cell phone in coffee one time, and punched him in the stomach another time. And after these scary dudes in hats show him what can happen if he sees her – it’s strange that he’d risk it. She did make out with him in a bathroom within the first five minutes of their meeting; would you risk everything for a woman you think you experienced love at first sight with?

Would we erase a bad relationship from our minds the way they did in Eternal Sunshine? Would we let our spouse sleep with somebody for a million dollars? And Indecent Proposal wasn’t even a good movie. I had no desire to ask any questions after leaving this movie, and I forgot about it 10 minutes later.

That doesn’t mean I disliked it. It was fun watching the journey. Terence Stamp even shows up to ratchet up the scare tactics a bit. And on paper, the concept probably looked appealing. A blend of sci-fi with romance, and a few chases scenes. I think an adjustment team should’ve just tweaked the script a bit to give us a more entertaining picture. All the fun of Matrix for the men, with romance that a woman can enjoy.

I’m giving it a C.