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Interview: Papercuts

Jason Quever
Jason Quever
Courtesy Sub Pop Records

Papercuts are a four piece band from San Francisco, centered around singer/songwriter Jason Quever and his forlorn lyrics of love and loss. Their fourth album Fading Parade, is a collection of songs that builds upon Quever's already established catalog of introspective music and soft guitars. Currently gearing up for their upcoming tour with Young Prisms, SanDiego.com shared a few moments with Quever from his home in San Francico's East Bay and talked about his favorite pastime on the road: drinking.

Is the show at The Tin Can Ale House the first date of the tour?
Jason Quever: I guess that’s the first day actually. It’s probably the best we’ll ever smell.

Since you formed Papercuts how many tours of the states have you done?
JQ: Probably only maybe three or four, only two full ones and a couple halfway.

Is touring something you look forward to, or does the physical labor and travel of it all get tiresome quick?
JQ: It’s very fun but it is hard work. I think sometimes people get the impression that it’s all fun. But it is hard work, there’s a lot of things to think about when you’re playing in front of people. There’s a lot of moving parts, its fun but it’s definitely work. I like working so I don’t mind it. It’s not like some ongoing arty all the time, there’s a lot of thing to think about, but I enjoy it.

You guys are traveling in a van as opposed to a tour bus, right?
JQ: Yeah I can’t say what it would be like in a tour bus, it probably would be different.

That’s the whole Warped Tour mentality with the buses and stuff. Did you ever go to Warped Tour when you were younger?
JQ: No I've never been to anything like that, but I think it probably is a little less stressful, but I also think that there’s something to be said for a band being all in a small van, it’s pretty fun. You actually see where you’re going, so it’s a different thing.

Do you relish the last date on the road or are you glad that it’s finally over?
JQ: It’s a little bit of both. I think the whole thing is always like that. You’re really excited on some level to sleep in your own bed, and then you’ll wake up the next day and go, ‘What the hell am I going to do with myself?’ There’s both sides of it, you just have to try and not let it get to you. You just sort of have to appreciate each side wherever you’re at.

Sub Pop Records just released the fourth Papercuts album Fading Parade, did you ever have a favorite Sub Pop album growing up?
JQ: There’s so many; obviously Nirvana, there’s just like a mountain of them nothing really jumps out as a particular one. If you look at the roster there’s so many great bands. That’s why it’s so hard to answer that question.

How do you pass the time while on the road?
JQ: It’s always been drinking a lot, which is maybe not what you’d expect from us because we’re a pretty low key band. But it’s weird because I was thinking of not drinking a lot and it’s like, ‘What would I do? What the hell would I do?’ So we’ll see, I mean it definitely adds up and it’s straining but there’s just so much downtime on tour. I try to read and this and that, but you’re at bars every single night.

What’s up with the Papercuts Tumblr account? You haven’t updated that since December.
JQ: It’s been a busy time. Sub Pop has been updating my Facebook account, but the Tumblr’s been lost in the shuffle I guess? Okay! I’m on it, there’s a lot of little things like that that you forget about.

Papercuts perform at The Tin Can Ale House on Saturday, March 12. Fading Parade is out now on Sub Pop Records.