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All By Myself
Courtesy Photo

Brian Regan’s latest album, All By Myself, is equivalent to the billion dollar Toy Story franchise - safe for the kids, but essentially directed at an audience of adults who remember what it was like to live in a simplified world without the sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Regan is the family man’s comedian – a story teller of sorts who never drifts off into the nether regions of joke telling. Most comedians covering parenthood delve into child rearing stories with teenage abandon, throwing caution to the wind because it’s likely no children are present at the show. With Regan, however, the ideal audience seems to be the entire family, from grumpy grandpas to elementary school attendees.

All By Myself starts with Regan covering his transition into older age, saying, “My body’s starting to crumble, when I wake up in the morning, it’s like oh yeah, I hurt.” Doctors visits are no longer needed, he explains, because injury is no longer cause for concern, but instead a natural occurrence. When he mentions that his hip seems to be hurting, the doctor muses “Ok. Just making conversation I guess, was there a reason for this visit?” From wrestling with his kids and having his daughter land directly on his head, to explaining to his son that food is for eating and not playing, the jokes are pleasant observations of his life. There is no real anger, no real neurotic ticks, and no barrage of swears and curses to keep a raucous and rowdy audiences’ attention.

Instead the performance comes directly from the mind of a clever comic who at all times seems aware that there are children and adults with curfews listening intently. “Here’s a joke I don’t have place for,” he says, before revealing that a person’s indecisiveness on visiting an American Indian landmark is a “Reservation Reservation Reservation.” Regan knows his audience, and makes no qualms about being for everyone, as long as they can manage to keep an open mind as he shares his overwhelmingly cheerful outlook on life. Drunks looking to holler along with uproarious punch lines about private body parts or drug use need not apply.