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MOVIE REVIEW: Battle: Los Angeles

Another alien invader movie

  • A scene from the film "Battle: Los Angeles."
  • Aaron Eckhart in "Battle: Los Angeles."
  • Michelle Rodriguez in "Battle: Los Angeles."
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Battle: Los Angeles sounds like a combination of two of the worst movies ever – Battlefield Earth and Escape from L.A.

It was nice to see the early scenes filmed here at Camp Pendleton. I once interviewed an actor from A Few Good Men who told me they weren’t allowed to film on Camp Pendleton because the script showed the Marines in a bad light (something I disagree with). This movie certainly showed the Marines in a positive light. When Top Gun was filmed out here at Miramar, reports came out saying the Navy and Air Force got so many more recruits because of the movie. Who knows what this film will do for Marine recruitment. I think audiences are smart enough to know they won’t be going into battle with aliens, but more likely Iraqis.

I wondered when Battle: Los Angeles was over, if the film would’ve been better if there was more back-story on the Marines; but what they showed was enough. We see one guy planning a wedding, others partying on the beach and trying to pick up girls.

Aaron Eckhart was in it. He’s an amazing actor, and I still think he got robbed for not getting an Oscar nomination forRabbit Hole. I wasn’t as thrilled to see Michelle Rodriguez playing what she played inAvatar – a tough as nails pilot.

Battle: Los Angeles just needed better dialogue. We don’t need to see the same cookie-cutter characters – a college grad coming in and not respecting the retiring Eckhart. Oh, that is, until the gunfire starts. And we’ve seen so many of those cop buddy-pictures where the officer has everything happen on his last day at work. This takes that premise to extreme levels.

There were some good action sequences and it’s a summer popcorn movie that’s four months early. Teenagers are going to love it. If they put down the video games and head to the theatre – they can see a movie that’s a lot like watching a video game.

I t gets a D+.