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In the theatre, the expensive theatre, the lion hunts tonight

A still from the movie Last Lions
National Geographic

A lioness in the wetlands of Botswana’s Okavango Delta battles crocodiles, buffalos, elephants, man, fire, hyenas, and even other lions – all to raise her cubs.

Married couple Dereck and Beverly Joubert gave us this movie, and they shot it beautifully. The cinematography is stunning. The narration by Jeremy Irons at times became overwrought. Some might complain about the story they gave us, but hey – if they tinkered with some editing and added some storylines to help us feel for the king of the jungle – no biggie. In the closing credits, they tell us in 50 years the lion population went from 450,000 to 20,000. And it wasn’t until the end credits that they get preachy about man destroying these habitats and info on how you can help.

During some of this movie, they got such interesting up-close footage, it was like being on a safari without having to leave San Diego. My problem lies in the fact that this isn’t all that different than programs on TV. In fact, there have been a lot more interesting and exciting pieces on Animal Planet and National Geographic

There were a few heartbreaking scenes, and an interesting scene with two rivals teaming up to grab some dinner, and the way they bonded afterwards. I’d have a hard time forgiving someone that took out my eye during a previous scuffle.

Great footage, but this is really more for animal lovers. I’m giving it a C.