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INTERVIEW: Sexy Sax Man Video Director Mike Diva

The Sexy Sax Man avoids the law

Viral videos have become a key ingredient in popular culture. Through the rising emergence of sites like YouTube, videos have become a common denominator for anyone that can access the World Wide Web. Often raw footage of genuine moments makes for the best videos, (for reference see Dick Clark’s Bloopers and Practical Jokes, a precursor to America’s Funniest Home Videos.) Sometimes a well-scripted video will become viral, but more often than not, the videos that are a combination of foresight and improvisation are the videos that captivate and endure. One of the latest videos to become viral and ignite a cult following is the “Sexy Sax Man” video starring saxophone virtuoso Sergio Flores. The video depicts Flores, bursting into public places while playing the saxophone riff from George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” over and over again, all while being dressed considerably inappropriate for places like a busy shopping mall, Del Taco and a Citrus College Biology class. The video was recently parodied on Saturday Night Live, and both Sergio and video director Mike Diva (aka Michael Dahlquist) will be flying to New York City this week to appear on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. SanDiego.com had a chance to speak with the video’s director Mike Diva to discuss the mysterious and "Sexy Sax Man" Sergio Flores and the onslaught of media coverage both have been receiving since their video became viral hit.

How do you know the 'Sexy Sax Man" Sergio Flores?

He’s a good friend of mine. I’ve been doing videos for a while and I’ve always wanted him to be a part of it. So I decided to film him in one and just to see what would happen, and it ended up being pretty funny.

Who chose that sax riff from the George Michael song?

He did.

He sounds like an accomplished saxophone player.

Yeah he plays saxophone in a couple of bands. He’s really good. He’s got a jazz band, an indie band and then his solo project. His main band is called Symphonic Circles, and then he makes his own music under the name Azura Luna.

Did you ever attend Citrus College?

No. I thought it would be funny to get a school, so we asked around what class was in session and we just busted in. We actually went there because I thought it would be funny to bust into a library, because that’s always an awkward place. But actually the library was the least funny, because nobody responded, nobody even flinched when he came in there, everybody just looked up for like two seconds and then went back to their reading, it was really weird.

What sort of attention have you received as a result of this video?

I have a meeting with MTV on Monday about doing some sort of show. Then I have a couple of producers I’m meeting up with. I met with one yesterday and we’re going to put together a pilot and pitch it around. It’s going to be my own Mike Diva variety show with skits in between little pranks and stuff like that, it should be fun.

When will you and Sergio be on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon?

Fallon is going to be taped on Thursday. I’m not exactly sure when it airs though. We fly out Wednesday night.

This must be somewhat of an overwhelming experience for you.

Yeah, it’s pretty cool. Sergio’s the one that’s having the most fun here. Nobody really recognizes me but Sergio’s getting a lot of attention for it which is cool. I don’t even think that I’m going to be on Fallon; personally I think that they just want Sergio to be in the band.

Do you have any new videos coming up?

I’m working on a lot. I have a lot of collaborations with a lot of YouTube celebrities that I’m working on. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Mr. Guitar Man, but he’s one of the biggest YouTubers and I’m actually wrapping up collaboration with him that I’m releasing in a week or so. On top of a lot more pranks in the works, I’m going to put some of these pranks in the pilot for my show, and there’s going to be a “Sergio Sexy Sax Man Part 2” that I’m going to make. That’s going to be kind of a mockumentary. So yeah, I have a lot of stuff in the works. It’s exciting.

What sort of music do you enjoy?

I listen to a lot of dub step, electro; just all sorts of electronic music. I make electronic music myself, like I make electro punk, and actually perform with Sergio a lot. We’re actually performing on April 1st, together at this warehouse party in L.A. called “Fool’s Gold.” If anyone wants to see us live they can come to that.

Have you ever heard of a band called Silkworm?

Yeah, well I mean their drummer had my name and then he died. I’m the only other Mike Dahlquist now. There can only be one.

You’re sort of like the Highlander.

Yeah exactly, I’m a Highlander now so it’s all good.

Does Mike Diva have a message for the Children?

Just go out there get a camera and start doing stuff. It bugs me when kids think, ‘I have to go to school to become a director to make movies and stuff like that. I have to go to college.’ Nowadays it’s easier than ever, you just have to grab a camera steal some programs online and just start doing it. I love seeing new entertaining stuff, and now kids are getting way more talented younger and younger, just because everything is so readily available. And you can go online and take a tutorial and learn how to edit something in like a day. Kids need to go out there and start making movies and start creating stuff.