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House Boi is Fun Shopping in Hillcrest

Cool offerings at Hillcrest's House Boi
Cool offerings at Hillcrest's House Boi
Photo by Rebekah Sager

The House Boi boutique and home furnishing store is “shmying” heaven.

Don’t know what “shmying” is? It means to window shop or poke around in a store in Yiddish, and this spot is one of the most fun places in Hillcrest to do it.

Alive with energy from the lime green walls, to the metal roofing details, to the plush red sofa, to thumping techno music, the store is filled with great tees, funky unique jewelry, great gifts for the home, and varied inventory of furniture and hip clothing.

Owner, Ari Clare opened the store more than four years ago, and after years of working in retail furniture stores, this boutique is his baby. It reflects his warmth, eclectic tastes, and far-reaching determination to find one-of-a-kind items.The store feels like it could it would fit in fine in the Castro in San Francisco or West Hollywood in Los Angeles.

Most of the accessories are gender neutral—just good old-fashioned, chunky, edgy, silver statement pieces, and a great collection of vintage and re-designed cufflinks.Clare carries the very popular, and formerly local, Micha designs--not many stores carry her line for men.

House Boi also sells the newest styles of board shorts for men--just a little shorter than they used to be.

They have a great denim selection, hanging under some very cool local and international artwork.

For summer, Clare says his new alternative clothing line Sure Shop Apparel is the one to watch. This line aims to capture urban lifestyle with pop culture themes on amazing graphic tees.

House Boi is also event central. The store hosts fashion shows in the store, as well as in many local bars and restaurants.

Clare himself can assist with your entire home decorating needs, offering his expertise and full service interior design help.Although the store is very contemporary looking, Clare is fully capable in working in a client's desired style.

Located on University in Hillcrest and surrounded by cool bars and restaurants, House Boi is a fun shopping destination sure to delight—a feast for the eyes and ears, and a great place to find the hippest finds.


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  • City: San Diego, CA 92103
  • Phone: 619.298.5200
  • Name: House Boi
  • Address: 1435 University Ave