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SOMA crowd
SOMA crowd
Lori Sokolowski



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Lori Sokolowski



Girl Talk took over the all-ages venue SOMA on a Tuesday night in the utmost of MTV Spring Break fashion. With balloons, confetti, and stage lighting to rival downtown San Diego hotspot Voyeur, Girl Talk (Greg Gillis) mixed the night away in a seamless stew of rock and hip-hop mashes. Gillis’ latest album, 2010’s All Day, consisted of 373 overlapping mainstream artists’ samples; a virtual whose-who of Gillis pop-culture musical palette he co-mingles live.

Within the first few songs of his set, fans absorbed Rush, The Pixies and Smashing Pumpkins all with proper and danceable gangster rap or crunk treatment. Cues from the stages' massive lighting display kept the almost-sold out crowd at a feverish tempo while Gillis offered brief encouragement between tracks. Meanwhile the real party was at the backstage door, where concertgoers waited and strutted in hopes that the runner would select them to dance onstage as they rotated dancers on and off stage.

Though much of Girl Talk’s catalog is purposely available for free download, fans didn’t hesitate to come out and pay the unusually high $25 cover charge for SOMA. Spanning an almost decade long career, Gillis is world renown for his energetic and sweat soaked live performances; SOMA was no exception.

Photos by Lori Sokolowski.



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  • Dates: March 22, 2011