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ALBUM REVIEW: Brian Scolaro

Sneeze, Farts and Orgasms
Courtesy New Wave Dyamics

Sneezes, Farts And Orgasms isn’t your average stand-up album. Brian Scolaro’s latest offering is a compilation of individual bits and skits, with some tracks recorded in front of a live audience and some recorded in a studio. A somewhat best-of collection of Scolaro’s funniest routines, the tracks switch quickly between skits about supposed listener complaints and faux arguments with a girlfriend, to his classic joke about the first caveman who sneezed. The result is a slightly skewed but rather entertaining hour of comedy tied together by Scolaro’s perfect everyman delivery.

The jokes are at times impulsively campy, relying on the repeating of simple yet effective punch lines and sound effects -- such as novelty car alarms that scream, “Tits, tits, tits!” -- and at other times brilliantly unique, such as the skit effectively titled, “Pope’s Brother” where Scolaro delves into how disgruntled a sibling of the holy father would be in real life. The skits and jokes are perfectly timed, but done mostly with other comics in a studio environment, leaving the laughter to the listeners’ imagination. On “Phone Sex”, the track begins with Scolaro’s bit on That Damn Show in 1994 where he asks his phone sex partner to shove various things up his nose, and then transitions into a live joke about the same subject.

One track off the album is directly taken from an appearance on Marc Maron’s acclaimed WTF Podcast. As a complete album, the laughs are live and the skits are perfect segues for his jokes, but as an experience, the breakdown of skit, joke, fake complaint takes away from the cohesiveness of a regular stand-up comedy album. Scolaro ends his live comedy set on track 25 to cheers from the audience, which is then followed up by two studio tracks. Perhaps the best part of putting together your own album is the ability to pick and choose how your jokes play out. The majority of Sneezes, Farts And Orgasms was recorded at several different venues, including the Irvine Improv, San Jose Improv and Lestat’s Coffeehouse in San Diego. (New Wave Dynamics)