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MOVIE REVIEW: A Somewhat Gentle Man

If you like Coen brothers movies, go see this

  • Stellan Skarsgard as Ulrik in "A Somewhat Gentle Man."
  • A Somewhat Gentle Man
  • Stellan Skarsgard as Ulrik in "A Somewhat Gentle Man."
  • A Somewhat Gentle Man
  • A Somewhat Gentle Man
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The story is about a murderer getting out of prison after a 12-year stint. He’s played by Stellan Skarsgard, a Norwegian actor you all know. He was the math professor in Good Will Hunting, among about 70 other Hollywood films. He gets a job as a mechanic, where he has to deal with two bizarre co-workers; an attractive secretary that warns him she’s not interested and a boss that’s bizarre for a few different reasons. Skarsgard also has a few gangsters he used to run with, and they want him to do a job. That job involves killing the person that put him behind bars. You’d think he would be a bit more anxious to do it than he appears.

There may be a few scenes that people find slow. Others might be bothered by those pesky subtitles at the bottom of the screen. I was glued to every scene. Even when we see an abusive husband roughing up his wife, and we know how that’s going to end up…it’s still fun watching the outcome.

Whenever Skarsgard has to meet up with his thug buddies, there’s one sidekick that always acts goofy. It reminds me of a character that did this in Midnight Run. When the gangsters go to buy weapons, and are surprised to see a drawf working with the arms dealer, it’s also witty. It’s a scene that wouldn’t have been funny if the characters weren’t established properly in previous scenes.

I’m guessing a lot of critics will compare this to a Coen brothers film since it’s a dark, dark comedy. And just as I said about The Square, which was also compared to the Coen’s, both those movies are better than most Coen brothers films.

Sometimes in a movie, the protagonist has women throw themselves at him. You scratch your head as to why that is. In this, you have no problem understanding it. Each woman has reasons that make sense, and they provide for very entertaining scenes (one more than the other two, and I guarantee you’ll be laughing about it for weeks afterwards). And what she does with her underwear is the funniest, and most disgusting thing you will see in a movie all year.

People claim oysters are aphrodisiacs. In this, I think it was fish patties and oil stained hands.

I can’t write all the things I liked about this movie, or it would be a 10,000 word review. I’d also be giving away great scenes you should experience for yourself. Here’s what I’ll do, though. I’ll tell you to go see this movie. If you don’t like it, I’ll give you a pair of movie tickets to see something else.

I’m giving it a B+.