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Keanu Reeves Confirms Plan For Third Bill and Ted

Twenty years have passed since the last film

You're welcome, San Dimas!

Keanu Reeves recently announced in an interview with MTV that plans for a third installment of the classic Bill & Ted movie franchise were underway, and that a script was near completion.

“I believe the writers are six weeks away from a draft,” Reeves told MTV, indicating that the original writers from the first two Bill and Ted films were on board the creative team for the next film as well. Revolving around the time traveling exploits of two typical teenagers from San Dimas, California Bill and Ted were portrayed with precision by actor Alex Winter as the overzealous Bill S. Preston Esq. and Keanu Reeves as the perma-stoned Ted “Theodore” Logan.

The first film, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, was written by Chris Matheson / Ed Solomon, and directed by Stephen Herek. It was filmed in 1987, but due to a bankruptcy issue with the original distributer, debuted in theaters February of 1989. Despite a budget of about $10 million, it grossed over $40 million. The sequel, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey was quickly produced in July of 1991, taking in over $38 million. The franchise brought to life a product line that included all types of mediocre products, ranging from video games, to a cereal (Bill & Ted's Excellent Cereal) made by Purina, the pet food company.

The storyline of Bogus Journey left off with Bill & Ted attempting to write a song that would save humanity, but as Reeves reveals, the characters are still in the process of trying to achieve that. “"When we last got together, part of it was that Bill and Ted were supposed to have written the song that saved the world,” Reeves states, “and it hasn't happened. So they've now become kind of possessed by trying to do that.” With over twenty years having passed since the last Bill & Ted movie, fans and critics are no doubt wondering what sort of film will end up in theatres.