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Cherish The Light Years
Cherish The Light Years
Courtesy Matador Records

Cold Cave's sophomore album Cherish The Light Years expands upon gloomy textures and driving synthesizers, and fortunately delves deeper into the crippling depression of frontman Wes Eisold.

Known for doing time in ground-breaking hardcore acts, Cold Cave's 2009 debut Love Comes Close served to diverge Eisold's reputation from his raucous beginnings and forge ahead on darker ground. Eisold's trademark Robert-Smith-meets-Dracula baritone is still chilling, but this time around flutters on a unique dark wave foundation. "Icons of Summer" is a throw back industrial song that contrasts driving rhythm with Eisold's shadowy lyrics and diarrhea-like spurts of danceable casio noise.

It's not abandon-all-hope-all-the-time on Cherish The Light Years. "Alchemy And You" has a hopeful tone and backing trumpet sample that shows us there may be a slight chance for Eisold to find love despite an ominous outlook. The first single "Villains of the Moon" is an airy chorus blend of Eisold's voice with Caralee McElroy of Xiu Xiu who has now been replaced by ex-Mika Miko front woman Jennifer Clavin for touring purposes.

Overall the offering moves quickly, and the noteworthy programming will ensure its replay value, making it the perfect album to listen to on a sunny day, albeit inside with the curtains drawn. (Matador Records)