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Let Your Hands Go
Courtesy Stand Up! Records

“I should have some local material about Chicago, but I’ve only been here one day,” Glenn Wool says to his audience, before naming off the only pop culture references that come to mind. “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? I’d like to say Danka Shoen for that!” On Let Your Hands Go¸ Wool’s first album, the Canadian enunciates purposefully through most of his material, including Buddhism, the Holocaust, and AIDS; and that’s just the first 15 minutes.

Wool yells most of his punch lines, playing the role of part drunkest-man-at-the-party and part smartest-man-in-class to inebriated perfection. This isn’t a problem however, since the rest of his speech is rather loud as well. His material is controversial on most levels, but unlike political comics he enjoys attacking anything considered conservatively sacred by any side. “Don’t think I’m making fun of Jews. I’m just including them,” he tells the crowd, before explaining that jokes are only anti-semitic if they end with the word, “Jew.”

The topics range from Jesus asking his disciples for a cigarette after his exhausting resurrection, to the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde qualities of alcoholism. “Do you know how many times drunken has gotten me laid? Sober Glenn is so choosy!” he explains, before opening up on the further differences that can be found in ‘Cocaine Glenn.’ From quirky Guantanamo Bay water-boarding references to the “greedy fat fingers” that stick out from business suit sleeves, he seems to excel at yelling and finger pointing at the world around him. Let Your Hands Go has a run time just short of an hour, with the messages between jokes becoming slurred like his speech, until you realize just exactly how far he’s taken you past the normal visiting hours for humor.

Wool gets away with most of his act by being extremely witty, drunk, and in his own words, “very funny.” (Stand Up! Records)