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LIVE REVIEW: Adult Swim's Ragbag of Jollification Tour

Adult Swims 2011 Ragbag of Jollification Tour
Adult Swims 2011 Ragbag of Jollification Tour
Mike Eckel, SanDiego.com

Adult Swim’s 2011 Ragbag of Jollification Tour rolled through San Diego on April 9, 2011 and featured performances from Dee-1, Killer Mike, Young Dro and PAC DIV. Taking place in the parking lot of 4th and B in downtown San Diego, the carnival-themed event was a memorable event for devoted fans Adult Swim programming, as San Diego was one of only nine cities selected to be part of this tour.

The event was free to the public and featured numerous carnival games where winners stood a chance at winning a variety of Adult Swim prizes. The games ranged in levels of difficulty with every contestant standing some sort of chance at winning a prize, and even after repeated attempts and failures the promo girls were more than willing to offer up a condolence gift for those that lacked skill. The prizes Adult Swim had available were an eclectic mix varying from water bottles and Frisbees emblazoned with the Adult Swim logo, to perhaps the most coveted prize on The Ragbag of Jollification Tour, a colorful laptop cover featuring the lead character from one of Adult Swim’s top rated shows, Superjail!

Outside of the free pizza provided by Pizza Hut, the most popular attraction of the evening was the create-your-own-t-shirt booth, where fans were able to choose from a wide variety of t-shirt colors and designs, deciding the placement of the design on the t-shirt from a small diagram provided by the Adult Swim carnies. The gates opened at 6 p.m and featured an opening set from DJ Quickie Mart, that consisted mainly of Glitch and Dubstep tracks, followed by snippets of Adult Swim programs on the overhead screens like Squidbillies and Children’s Hospital. After another set from DJ Quickie Mart, members of the audience were selected to take place in contest to see whose was the hairiest audience member, before launching into the evening’s musical performances.

The music kicked off around 8:30 p.m. by young New Orleans up-and-comer Dee-1, followed by Killer Mike, who also voiced the character Taqu’il from Adult Swim’s short-lived fan favorite, Frisky Dingo. Fresh off the release of his latest album P.O.L.O. (Players Only Live Once) Young Dro provided a high energy set, igniting the crowd before So-Cal rap crew PAC DIV took the stage for a brief set before ending at 10:30. DJ Quickie Mart retook the stage and spun tunes for another half an hour 30 more as attendees exited into the streets of downtown San Diego with their arms filled with Adult Swim prizes. The evening was an overall success, as The Ragbag of Jollification Tour served as an added bonus for Adult Swim fans in San Diego, where the annual Comic Con Festival provides plenty of Adult Swim parties and attractions throughout the week.

Video by Mike Eckel, SanDiego.com