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Laura Gambucci Boutique: Total Cutting Edge

Gambucci Boutique in La Jolla
Gambucci Boutique in La Jolla
Photo by Rebekah Sager

Boutique owner Laura Gambucci is wearing her standard color—all black. Her dress is by Sharon Wauchob, belt by Orciani, pumps by Barbara Bui, and leggings by VPL. With her miles of thick tendrilly and ebony hair, warm smile, shapely legs, and razor sharp style, she is a woman who fashion aficionados undoubtedly trust with their credit cards like wine connoisseurs with their sommeliers.

Style maven and boutique owner Laura Gambucci opened her store, Laura Gambucci boutique, seven years ago, she did it because nothing like the store existed in San Diego, and the same is true today.

Gambucci boutique is not for the average shopper. It caters to a very innovative and independent woman, who strives for individuality. Gambucci customers don’t follow trends or look at labels, they are women who are not afraid don’t simply push the envelope, the tear it apart.

Gambucci’s talent is finding the hard to find designers and introducing them to her clients and to the area. She says her goal is to make sure that her customers are ahead of what’s in magazines. “When I started carrying designer Barbara Bui, no one in San Diego had heard of her. My clients have been wearing maxi dresses for a long time, and people here are just catching up,” Gambucci says.

Gambucci’s store is mostly a sea of black with pops of color and one of the most amazing collections of accessories in any boutique in San Diego—bar none.

The advantage of shopping in an exclusive boutique like Gambucci’s is that they keep a catalogue of what’s in her client’s closets. She helps them add pieces based on what they already own, and working one-on-one with them, their loyalty knows no bounds. Gambucci says she has a client that moved to the Upper East Side of New York recently, a land where fashion never sleeps and amazing designers are not difficult to find, but she still shops with Gambucci.

The store carries designers Barbara Bui (shoes, handbags, and clothing), VPL, Erickson and Beamon, Alexis Bittar, and Mellisa Joy Mannning (jewelry), Dusica (shoes), and even a small “trendy” section with names like Halston Heritage—the one place in the store where price points can be somewhat lower.

Her picks for a stylish wardrobe? Knits (year-round), maxi-dresses (she suggests strongly they be worn with flat sandals day and night), dress shorts, a beautifully tailored jacket, a statement necklace, Wolford hosiery, and great foundation garments.


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  • City: La Jolla
  • Phone: 858.551.0214
  • Name: Gambucci Boutique
  • Address: 7629 Girard Ave