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Actor Nicolas Cage Arrested

This is a job for...Super...Bounty Hunter?

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage has been talked about the last few years for the horrible movies he churns out, and his recent financial problems. The last movie he did that was well received was Bad Lietenant: Port of Call – New Orleans. That came out 2 years ago?

New Orleans was the scene of his latest production – an arrest after he got drunk in the French Quarter and got into an argument with his wife over whether a house they were in front of was theirs. Hey – it’s a decent thing to argue about. Actor Rip Torn (Dodgeball) walked home drunk, and broke into a bank that he thought was his home last year. As the couple was in front of the home that Cage insisted was the one they were rented, he grabbed her arm. Other witnesses say he pushed her.

Much like Britney Spears when she got mad at the paparazzi and started hitting her vehicle, Cage started hitting vehicles. He then tried to get into a cab. Supposedly, it was the cabbie that called the police. An officer saw that Cage was drunk and told him to get out of the cab. That set Cage off, who started yelling at the cop. He was booked for disturbing the peace, public drunkenness, and domestic abuse battery. He was released on $11,000 bond. Kind of strange that the Oscar he won was for playing an alcoholic in Leaving Las Vegas.

His third wife, former waitress Alice Kim, isn’t pressing charges. TMZ reported that Cage was taunting the police when they showed up.

Everyone’s heard about the Chris Brown and Mel Gibson cases. A lot of people forget, with Charlie Sheen making the news for being dropped from his show and acting crazy – he was arrested for domestic abuse before (one thing he was charged with was holding a knife to his wife’s throat).

You’d think if anyone would keep their tempers in check, it would be celebrities. They hire PR firms and know the importance of a good public image, as it’s often drilled into them. And if you keep doing crazy stuff, the film roles will eventually dry up. Just ask Mel Gibson, who was dropped from The Hangover 2. And just when you think reality shows with celebrities are the place the former A-listers end up – apparently it was Dog the Bounty Hunter (Duane Chapman) that put the $11,000 down to bail Cage out of the cage he was being held in. No word on if he filmed it for a future episode. His wife Beth Champman tweeted: “My guy just walked out of the jail damn new Orleans 8 hours holy cow that’s a lot of time to process one guy.”

The 47-year-old actor and his wife Kim had a son in 2005, and they made the news at that time, too. It was his inclusion on the list of celebrities that have given their children weird names. They gave their son the name Kal-El, which is the name Superman had as a boy. I found it odd that he gave his son a weird name, since Cage once hosted Saturday Night Live and did a skit where he didn’t like any name his pregnant wife wanted for their child. He found a way to make fun of all 20 normal names she threw out. Cage named his child after Superman because he’s a big comic book lover. A few days ago, he was in the news for a comic book that was stolen from him over 10 years ago. It was a Superman issue first-edition from 1938, worth well over a million dollars. It only cost 10 cents when it came out, and was the first issue to ever feature Superman. It popped up when somebody bought a storage locker in an auction in San Fernando Valley. The LAPD is still investigating, but Cage issued the statement: “It’s divine providence that the comic was found and I am hopeful that the heirloom will be returned to my family.” I’m guessing he’ll have to pay his insurance company back. I’m also guessing we won’t have a statement issued about his latest arrest.